donkey jacket

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a short thick jacket

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All the men, dressed in donkey jackets, boilersuits and hard hats, lined up behind Dewi in their working pairs.
Among those who could be appearing are: The Bra Men: | Two overly-aggressive donkey jacket wearing Northerners with a deeply-sensitive attitude towards others who have the temerity to look at their bras.
DEWI Power stood in front of The Red Lion, donkey jacket over orange boilersuit, helmet under his arm.
He was wearing a light blue shirt and a donkey jacket.
Despite being a poor swimmer, Stan tore off his donkey jacket and dived in to save the pensioner.
Our second album, Donkey Jacket, got great reviews but didn't sell as many as we'd like, so maybe now we'll shift more - maybe even enough to put a single out and land us some more gig bookings.
First item is the donkey jacket - it is not, as I then thought, named after the animal it was made from, but was a council-issue coat given to the men of the Manchester Ship Canal who worked on the "Donkey Engines".
But management failed to recognise them because Burton was wearing a donkey jacket and Taylor was sporting paint-splattered jeans.
MUST-HAVE 2008 PRODUCT: "Women should invest in a good double-breasted donkey jacket or military jacket.
Just like the Labour leader Michael Foot who wore a donkey jacket at the Cenotaph.
Reliable but wilfully dull, the Almera had the charisma of a donkey jacket.
Wearing a black donkey jacket and Adidas top, Jones spoke only to confirm his name and address.
She jumped as a figure emerged into the half-light, donkey jacket buttoned, head hidden under a flying helmet with sheepskin flaps.
When I was a youth, we'd go on a march at the drop of a donkey jacket.
Come close now, whisper it softly - old socialists up and down the land are putting aside the merlot, dusting off the old donkey jacket and polishing their old marching boots.