donkey jacket

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a short thick jacket

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You can almost smell the sweat from the armpits of Les's celebrated donkey jacket.
That coat, which he denied was a donkey jacket and which was admired by the Queen Mother, was also the subject of a minor domestic conflict.
But a new radio documentary will make a startling claim tomorrow - it wasn't a donkey jacket at all.
It reached a climax, of course, in his alleged donkey jacket (in fact a new short overcoat bought by wife Jill) at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday in 1981 when even Labour MPs condemned him for looking like an "unemployed navvy".
Iwan waited with his butties, stoic in his donkey jacket and helmet.
Any sensible Geordie would turn up on the slopes in a donkey jacket and orange cooncil waterproofs, take one look at the piste and mutter: "Somebody'll set tha' neck oot there if tha' not careful" Then they'd hoy some grit down
Tours in the UK and Europe followed and in 2011 they came up with the second album, Donkey Jacket, featuring a guest appearance on harmonica by Aled's one-time teacher Ned Edwards, who's worked
A couple of final points before I dig out my donkey jacket and head for the nearest picket line.
Anyway, he had just broken off his preaching to chat to a slightly stooped busker in a donkey jacket and a black fisherman's pullover, whose long fingers held a fine-looking guitar.
Froggitt was determined to improve his lot in life and would carry a copy of The Times newspaper in the pocket of his donkey jacket - although he was rarely seen reading it.
Coun Nellist said: "The loss of the 1983 election had nothing to do with a donkey jacket at the Cenotaph.
He wore a red and white scarf, studded with pin badges, over a donkey jacket.
Pole-vaulter Ludmila Lassan-ovleft for work one morning in a pretty, floral dress humming Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head and came home in a donkey jacket insisting everyone called her Sergei.
Labour spin doctors must have cried when Culture Minister Tessa Jowell turned up in her anorak, reminding us all of Michael Foot's donkey jacket.
Among those who could be appearing are: The Bra Men: | Two overly-aggressive donkey jacket wearing Northerners with a deeply-sensitive attitude towards others who have the temerity to look at their bras.