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the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress

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En caso de ser un elemento aislado y exento, pudieron ejercer mucho mejor como ultimo reducto defensivo, al no estar comunicado con el resto de la edificacion, actuando de manera similar a los donjons o torres del homenaje de los castillos medievales.
Segun nos dice este autor, los primeros monasterios medievales solian rodearse de un muro formado generalmente por una talud y de altas empalizadas de madera similares a las de los primitivos donjons.
Masonry structures such as the Norman donjons at Norwich and Rochester incorporated ostentatious Romanesque detail and, as at Durham, were `twinned' with nearby cathedrals, while the gatehouse at Exeter had elaborate gallery-type openings in an upper storey apparently built for reasons of display rather than to enhance defensibility.
While one of the words most commonly identified with castles is `keep', the term is virtually unknown in medieval documentation where the term donjon was generally used.
C'est lui qui avait invente ou embelli rhistoire des ages equivoques de nos jeanes nations, peuple nos chateaux en ruine de visions mysterieuses, evoque sur le donjons la figure des fees protectrices, ouvert un refuge impenetrable, dans les creux des rochers ou sous les creneaux abbandones, b.
Although Benjamin Constant's Adolphe is a classic of the canon, it has long been locked away like a jewel within the disciplinary donjons of French and Comparative Literature departments.
a coup de petites passes que ponctuaient, avec grace, le tandem Petchou, le fougueux [beaucoup moins que]cheval[beaucoup plus grand que] et le fin et potele Benene, a la legendaire [beaucoup moins que]l'haissa[beaucoup plus grand que], que couvraient et protegeaient des donjons de defense imprenables, comme Milazo ou Hamid, suivant la cadence orchestree par des bateliers, et vigies en meme temps, comme Houmane ou Dolmy.