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Synonyms for dong

the basic unit of money in Vietnam

go 'ding dong', like a bell


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Please give me peace NGUYEN HA DONG on why he pulled plug
About Dong Energy DONG Energy Sales, formerly Shell Gas Direct, began operations in 1989 and supplies gas to UK businesses across a variety of industries.
The new pounds 600m Uskmouth Power Station operated by Dong Energy.
DONG Energy spokesman Andreas Krog said a company official had agreed to meet with protest representatives.
As a high school teacher, it is not unusual for Dong to work up to six days a week.
He did turn out for the Red Devils on their Asian tour 12 months ago but, unable to get a UK work permit, Dong remains in exile, where he will return once more when United's current tour draws to a close on Saturday.
The many positive actions of dong quai on the female reproductive system have long been considered to result from "phytoestrogenic" properties.
Dong Dong, 20, is from the Guangdong province in the south of China.
With Family Fundamentals, his new documentary about conservative religious families with gay kids, Arthur Dong hopes to shock many gays and lesbians out of their complacency about the religious right.
Vietnam's former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong, who served in office for 33 years, mostly during wartime, died of old age Saturday in a Hanoi hospital, government sources said Tuesday.
Pressure has eased on Vietnam's dong currency, but many bankers expect dollar liquidity to tighten in the next few months, forcing the government to devalue the local currency by the end of the second quarter.
subsidiary has begun pumping oil from the northern edge of Vietnam's Rang Dong oil field, Mitsubishi Oil said Monday.
Twenty years ago, documentary filmmaker Arthur Dong was attacked on the streets of San Francisco by gay-bashers.