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He candidly predicted that the worker registry would lead to "a more secure identifier," such as "a slide-through card like you use with a Visa when you make a purchase, perhaps some type of driver's license photograph, retina examination like they have done in California.
Modeling clothing can be done in two ways: creating the objects that represent cloth with standard 3ds max modeling methods and then applying the clothfx modifier to it; or by designing virtual clothing patterns in a more traditional way (artists can even import spline patterns from external applications) and stitching together various virtual panels to form a full garment.
The research will be done in the context of the development of highly automated, high quality, cost-effective systems for collecting geo-information.
According to city surveys done in August, about 100 to 120 day laborers used to gather along San Fernando Road between Magic Mountain Parkway and Sierra Highway.
And even then it was done in a pretty slipshod way.