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Synonyms for donate

Synonyms for donate

to present as a gift to a charity or cause

to give in common with others

Words related to donate

give to a charity or good cause

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Previously, about 45 people registered for bone marrow in the UAE and after the event, the number increased to 59 donators.
Stock Donators - similarly, many of the best stock donations come from the more affluent households.
The new COX-inhibiting nitric-oxide donator (CINOD), AZD3582, combines a naproxen moiety with a nitric-oxide-donating group.
With the help and donations from the local Rotary clubs, donators from around Tallahassee, a hospital from Massachusetts and individual Rotarians from Florida and Massachusetts, the largest humanitarian aid shipment ever received by the Ukrainian children's hospital in Crimea was delivered in October of 1999.
Donators were greeted by students who would unload their vehicles.
Gong donators and acceptors included snap-worthy celebs - Robbie, Kylie, Oasis, Travis - and a smattering of pop venerables, like The Clash's Joe Strummer.
Jude's Children's Cancer Research Hospital, making bowhunters the top donators during the two-day event hosted by Country 92.
Donald Trump, basketball star Kobe Bryant and actress Jennifer Garner are among the new donators who join more than 140 celebrities contributing to the Staplers of the Stars charity auction.
Northern Virginia Regional Commission Executive Director Mark Gibb stated that they will also accept coats presented by the donators in this year's campaign.
The delegation offered to the Ministry of Health medicines and donations worth 10,000 dollars collected from the Syrian community in Australia and some Australian donators, highlighting the need of finding means to better communicate with the Health Ministry in the future.
Some charities also send representatives to donators in their place of residence to collect the donations.
A league table of the top six donators will be compiled, with each business or person getting their logo or face featured on the boat.
As a sign of gratitude to donators a free-of-advertisement version of the App will be provided to them.
Yesterday it had reached PS890 towards a PS1,000 target from 43 donators in four days.
We only stock high quality items and have our donators to thank for that.