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a person who gives to a charity or cause

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In addition to the features provided with the free version, the donator edition supports real-time automatic updates and saves precious time of the user, when the developer releases a quick bug-fix update or a major feature update.
Today, the donators were very eager to donate for bone marrow and blood and such initiatives achieve our national goals to enhance health within the community".
And fair play to our Shirl - she is the original dress donator.
The new COX-inhibiting nitric-oxide donator (CINOD), AZD3582, combines a naproxen moiety with a nitric-oxide-donating group.
The April issue of Units featured a few such companies: Gold Crown Management of Greenwood Village, Colorado, set up the Gold Crown Foundation to run a youth basketball league because middle-school athletics were virtually eliminated in their state; Mid-America Apartment Communities of Memphis, Tennessee, donates apartments to provide temporary housing to families with children in nearby hospitals; the Inland Group of Chicago, Illinois, donates clubhouses to be used as community resource centers; the Atlanta Apartment Association, Atlanta, Georgia, is the largest donator of food to food banks in the nation; and the Arizona Multihousing Association raises money, clothing, and food for those in homeless and battered women shelters.
The movies Una and Donator were based on his novels of the same names, and three plays based on his texts have also been staged.
Sufficient sensitivities and excellent resolution can be achieved with novolac or polyvinyl phenol/bisazide (2, 3) and with a three-component system based on phenolic resin binders, a melamine derivative as crosslinker, and an irradiation labile proton donator (4, 5).
All donations made by the donator to the NF foundation will remain anonymous to Dimont.
Also many thanks to the anonymous donator who regularly supports my charity, The Guide Dogs for the Blind.
The masjid was built at the expense of the donator, Easa Saleh Al Gurg.
A donator will be given an official receipt to prove his donation and money transfer.
The cosmetic company "Rosa Impex" took the award for "Most Generous Donator," measured in the volume of donations, calculated as percentage of profit before taxation.
CUTLINE: (1) Attendees applaud after the unveiling of a plaque honoring Roy Nordstrom, a longtime participant and donator, outside the Worcester Senior Center.
That's 12,000 for a kick-off and all 12,000 were in agreement that the referee was the biggest sperm donator on the planet.
Also, the very, very, kind donator who regularly sends me donations for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (several in the last few weeks).