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a person who gives to a charity or cause

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Today, the donators were very eager to donate for bone marrow and blood and such initiatives achieve our national goals to enhance health within the community".
The risks for transmission of Chagas' Disease through blood transfusion become evident when blood donators files are reviewed for infection with T.
BERLIN -- The first of a new class of drugs, cyclooxygenase-inhibiting nitric-oxide donators, showed similar efficacy to rofecoxib for pain relief in osteoarthritis but was not associated with elevations in systolic blood pressure, Dr.
The new COX-inhibiting nitric-oxide donator (CINOD), AZD3582, combines a naproxen moiety with a nitric-oxide-donating group.
This search has led me to postulate a homo donator, who is the opposite of homo oeconomicus, not in the sense of claiming to replace him but in the sense of a supplement to account for what is in circulation among the members of a society (Godbout, 2000).
Reciprocite, affection, amitie, circulation du sens, confiance, sentiment de reconnaissance a l'egard de l'autre du simple fait qu'il existe (voir l'oeuvre de Simmel), celebration tranquille du fait d'etre ensemble, l'homme est bien un homo donator.
The April issue of Units featured a few such companies: Gold Crown Management of Greenwood Village, Colorado, set up the Gold Crown Foundation to run a youth basketball league because middle-school athletics were virtually eliminated in their state; Mid-America Apartment Communities of Memphis, Tennessee, donates apartments to provide temporary housing to families with children in nearby hospitals; the Inland Group of Chicago, Illinois, donates clubhouses to be used as community resource centers; the Atlanta Apartment Association, Atlanta, Georgia, is the largest donator of food to food banks in the nation; and the Arizona Multihousing Association raises money, clothing, and food for those in homeless and battered women shelters.
Grace Garner, aged 10, who won the Coral Willis Trophy at the Mrs Sunderland Festival, is pictured here with her grandmother and donator of the trophy, Coral Willis
He congratulated the British donator on behalf of Hussain Nasser Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality.
Also, the very, very, kind donator who regularly sends me donations for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (several in the last few weeks).
MAY I through your letters page thank all those people of Middlesbrough who assistedwith the Poppy Appeal 2012 whether they were a collector or donator everyone who helped has so far raised PS36,871.
Another donator, Ammar Mhrez, stressed that the Syrian blood is united against conspiracies and schemes hatched against Syria.
A donator will be given an official receipt to prove his donation and money transfer.
The cosmetic company "Rosa Impex" took the award for "Most Generous Donator," measured in the volume of donations, calculated as percentage of profit before taxation.
CUTLINE: (1) Attendees applaud after the unveiling of a plaque honoring Roy Nordstrom, a longtime participant and donator, outside the Worcester Senior Center.