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Synonyms for donate

Synonyms for donate

to present as a gift to a charity or cause

to give in common with others

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give to a charity or good cause

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The first benefit of donating blood is that one gets a mini health checkup done.
I urge everyone anyone who is thinking of donating blood to go for it and help save a life.
741), and if participants had any concerns about donating (B=-.
Coupled with the public's inherent loathing of used car dealers, it's easy to see why there has been a national surge both in charities participing in these programs and people donating cars to them.
Perhaps the best reason for donating stock instead of cash is that you may be able to make a larger gift with stock than with cash.
To calm fears that sale of a donated item or inventory might benefit a competitor, the donating company can impose sales restrictions.
Though viruses like the one that causes AIDS can live in blood, you can't catch any diseases from donating blood.
A business that may have to unload a slow-moving product would be wise to refrain from lowering the selling price before making a thorough review of the potential for donating.
Burks often addresses MS groups, soliciting their cooperation in donating brain tissue.
The CDC study found that the proportion of seropositive donors who had donated blood previously fell from 73 percent to 55 percent over the test period, indicating that some potential donors have voluntarily ceased donating blood.
Wild Oats provided the food in the bags at cost, thereby donating any profits the Company would have made on the sale of those food items.
Every time we see him coming we say, `Oh-oh, here comes the Vampire wanting our blood again,''' says Jay Roberts, laughing as he watches a DVD while donating blood platelets.
If your district chooses to accept donated equipment: set guidelines for what you will accept, like only machines in working condition no older than three years (which is the outside age limit on a computer if the donating company expects to get a tax credit for it), or only machines in working condition that are already configured to work in a network.
Specifically, donated leave paid to charitable organizations before 2003 will be excludible from the donating employees' income both for income tax and employment tax purposes.
We want to help save an increasing number of lives by donating money to cancer research," says Ulrika Danielson, Lindex's Communications Manager.
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