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  • verb

Synonyms for donate

Synonyms for donate

to present as a gift to a charity or cause

to give in common with others

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give to a charity or good cause

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The Donate-A-Box program enables Farm Fresh To You customers to donate a box of fresh produce to a regional food bank partner.
Actor Mohammad Subhi donated 50 thousand Egyptian pounds, while actor Ahmed Helmy vowed to donate the entire wage of his upcoming film to the fund.
Results of studies linking blood donation behavior to identity theory have demonstrated that salience of the blood donor role, defining oneself as a blood donor, social relationships tied to blood donation, and others' expectations to donate were all found to predict both previous and future blood donation behaviors (Callero, 1985; Callero, Howard, & Piliavin, 1987).
The foundation will match up to $100,000 in Weyerhaeuser employee donations to CARE for a potential total donation of $300,000, and it plans to seek opportunities to work with its customers to donate products for long-term relief efforts.
He donates $5,000 to the organization's college scholarship fund.
While charitable remainder trusts can potentially be profitable, Estroff and Carovano stated that those who typically donate do so because of a strong interest in philanthropy.
Roberts has been driving in from his Santa Clarita home once a month for the past 15 years to donate his platelets after a good friend died of bone cancer.
Paula who now donates every 16 weeks has been doing so since the age of 18.
SAN ANTONIO -- The American Payroll Association (APA) applauds the decision by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to reinstate rules that allow employees to donate leave time through their employer to provide financial assistance for victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Sweet Grass Farm, an all-natural bath and body line, will donate 10 percent of its sales of the Rose Orange Cinnamon All Natural Hand Cut Soap bar ($3) and the Beach Rose Sea Salts ($5) throughout October.
Taxpayers should be encouraged to donate appreciated long-term capital gain property.
Lindex (STO:LDEX) is one of the campaign's main sponsors, and will donate SEK 1 per sold bra to the Pink Ribbon campaign throughout the month of October.
Those interested in being part of Breanna's support system can donate blood by contacting the UCLA Blood & Platelet Center at (310) 825-0888 or by visiting its Web site at www.