domoic acid

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a neurotoxin that is deadly for humans

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Calculation of the Parameters Needed to Construct an Internal Domoic Acid Standard for Each Well Strip
Since the domoic acid crisis, the National Research Council's Atlantic Research Laboratory (ARL) has devoted significant efforts to studying shellfish toxins of importance to Canada.
In October 2002, a large bloom of the algae that produces domoic acid forced the closure of all Oregon beaches to razor clamming.
Once a test for domoic acid was developed, it was detected in razor clams in Washington State and Dungeness crabs in Alaska.
Marine zone: Ocean beaches from Newport's north jetty to the mouth of the Columbia River are now open to razor clamming, but beaches south of Newport still have domoic acid levels too high to allow digging, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture.
At low dilution, the presence of components in the biologic samples reduced the binding of the antibodies to the antigen, as has been shown previously for brevetoxins in shellfish extracts (18) and for domoic acid in urine (36).
The state said levels of domoic acid found in shellfish along that stretch is rising.
Kalaloch Beach will remain closed to razor clam digging because domoic acid levels there continue to exceed state and federal health standards.
But the state Agriculture Department restricted commercial and recreational crabbing for much of last December after detecting high levels of domoic acid in local samples.
Testing revealed high levels of domoic acid in crab guts.
That's because regulators have found high levels of domoic acid in the guts of central coast crab this year.
Beaches, jetties and bays in Oregon south of Seaside remain closed to razor clamming because of continuing high levels of domoic acid, a naturally occurring shellfish toxin.
Tests last week revealed that paralytic shellfish poising toxins are in the safe range for shellfish in this area, but testing for domoic acid reveals razor clams on the south and central coast are still at unsafe levels.
Clatsop beach, the area north of Tillamook Head to the Columbia River South Jetty, was opened to recreational clamming Wednesday after testing revealed domoic acid levels are in the safe range, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Beaches are closed to the harvest of clams and mussels from Yachats (Lincoln County) to the mouth of the Columbia River (Astoria) because of unsafe levels of domoic acid.