domino theory

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the political theory that if one nation comes under communist control then neighboring nations will also come under communist control

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The domino theory and his Munich appeasement analogy failed to impress Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden.
Though history has shown that, at least in this case, the dominoes did not fall as predicted, this in no way undermines the fact that the domino theory was at least part of the justification for going to war.
Bush justified attacking Iraq, citing his democracy domino theory.
Since Johnson's Vietnam policy was based on the domino theory, he did not welcome the information.
Domino theory is most often associated with the Eisenhower administration's justification for American intervention in Indochina in 1954.
One of the arguments for the Vietnam War was the so-called domino theory.
Rumors of devaluation in Latvia have lead to a domino theory being discussed by the media.
Expanding on the Domino Theory, Lock reads out some market-update insight on the Pizza brand: "we are benefiting from recession-hit consumers staying in to save money and switching to take-aways instead of dining out or going to the pub," he says.
These were times when if you spoke of a downward thrust of Communism or the domino theory you were laughed out of court.
America was motivated by the domino theory, which held that the fall of Vietnam would lead to one communist victory after another throughout the world.
Moyar announces that "the domino theory was valid," that Vietnam was "a wise war fought under foolish constraints," and that the United States could have won the war early on had it stuck with Diem and invaded Laos and North Vietnam--bold moves that would have provoked "a Chinese abstention from the fighting.
He's not afraid to attack sacred cows and does his best to dispel myths such as the Domino Theory and the sins of Diem.
Japanese politicians should speak out against the nuclear domino theory, not go along with it.
But, as the domino theory would have it, and in the spirit of a nuclear chain reaction, there are also three other kinds of people--those who pronounce Hawaii [special font needed], those who pronounce it [special font needed], and those--"he shuddered here--"who pronounce it [special font needed].