domino theory

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the political theory that if one nation comes under communist control then neighboring nations will also come under communist control

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The rich get richer and the poor get children and the children get shot at and that's why we should end the war in Vietnam, not to mention that the domino theory is a Swiss-cheese theory full of holes, the largest of which is that Vietnam and China, far from linking against us, hate each other with a venom greater than what Freud called the natural "narcissism of minor differences.
The US public had enough of both the meaningless domino theory and the seemingly useless deaths of 58,000 American servicemen.
Compare the flawed logic of the Iraq invasion and the Domino Theory of the Cold War to the IT bubble, the Y2K bug or the mortgage crisis.
Before the colonial period, Vietnamese heroes seem to have been exclusively those who resisted or even vanquished Chinese incursion (which makes you wonder where the domino theory which underpinned US involvement came from).
Bush justified attacking Iraq, citing his democracy domino theory.
Domino theory is most often associated with the Eisenhower administration's justification for American intervention in Indochina in 1954.
One of the arguments for the Vietnam War was the so-called domino theory.
Rumors of devaluation in Latvia have lead to a domino theory being discussed by the media.
Expanding on the Domino Theory, Lock reads out some market-update insight on the Pizza brand: "we are benefiting from recession-hit consumers staying in to save money and switching to take-aways instead of dining out or going to the pub," he says.
His major contribution here -- building on his earlier study, Modernity and Power: A History of the Domino Theory in the Twentieth Century (1994) -- consists of connecting internationalism, Wilsonianism, and the Cold War.
However, we should view these arguments no more seriously than we now view the old domino theory.
TC (Tony Garrett) seemed to be most concerned that companies and countries would be picked off one by one and that the Domino theory would impact on all of us.
So, while Pearson's strength and conviction would attempt to chart a more independent course for Canada, the United States would answer with Cold War logic, the domino theory and anti-communist paranoia.
She also shows skill at phrase-making and insight Commenting on antagonism between the Reagan administration and Nicaragua's Sandinistas, she observes, "It was generational, a continuation of the war between Lester Lanin and Mick Jagger, neat Scotch and rolled joints, the domino theory and sit-ins.