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Synonyms for domineering

Synonyms for domineering

Antonyms for domineering

tending to domineer

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Luther's ancient roommate, Chester X, also hopes to split town, and both urge Luther to escape too, to get away from the domineering and unloving Sarge.
This way of domineering is not the way it is to be among Jesus' people.
Just as I as an individual had been domineering, so had Britain often been towards countries we ruled.
From his complicated relationships with a domineering mother and tormenting wife and to his work on show songs which succeeded and some which failed, PORTRAIT OF JOHNNY is packed with reflections by those who knew him best.
She and the great Mary Louise Wilson as bedridden but still domineering Big Edie are suitably hilarious and pathetic while preserving the mystery of a mother-daughter bond that nurtures and suffocates them both.
Seen from this angle, the building provokes an immediate reaction of domineering scale and proportion.
The rational and fair world order must be based on the strengthening of mutual trust and neighborliness, on the establishment of relations of genuine partnership and without any claims to domineering in international affairs,'' it says.
Although Ike Turner is oftentimes remembered as a domineering and violent husband, let's not forget that Ike and his bands made noteworthy and innovative contributions to blues, as well as rock 'n' roll.
Formalist, domineering, and competitive" (149) by temperament, Jonson is precisely the opportunist most capable of seizing the possibilities his culture presented him with to invest the printed text and its author with maximal prestige.
Only in the end would the beasts be sluggish but domineering scavengers.
Men who want to stop their partners from having abortions are seen as domineering patriarchs.
However, it is not restricted to a specific political critique, for its force lies in the more general analysis of a domineering male character in a hierarchical and patriarchal society (as which the so-called classless society of the GDR is exposed).
The tribe worships the prophets of contructionism and the power of domineering ideologies that have robbed the individual of any claim to essential meaning.
Everyone in Yi Yi is going through a life passage--Min-Min and A-Di's mother is slowly dying; A-Di is feeling squeezed by the demands of two domineering women, a new baby, and unpaid bills; Yang-Yang is learning the way the adult world works; Min-Min is on the verge of a nervous breakdown; Ting-Ting takes her first romantic steps with the estranged boyfriend of the girl next door; N.
Rejecting popular images of Augustine as a creature haunted by sexual appetites or a domineering mother, Wills nonetheless introduces us to a complex, introspective, and occasionally blind pilgrim, We encounter here a man who was, for 15 years, faithful to the only woman he ever slept with, but who also had her, the mother of his child, sent away when he believed it was time to grow closer to God.