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a dominating woman (especially one who plays that role in a sadomasochistic sexual relationship)

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Given the lack of education on BDSM, generally, it is not surprising that the work of professional dominatrices is easily misinterpreted.
Competent dominatrices are trained to lower the risk of triggering such an abreaction, but are prepared to deal with it should it occur.
It has been suggested that effective dominatrices require training in psychology, acting, and nursing (Domination Directory International, 2003).
Professional dominatrices perform the same activities as their lifestyle counterparts, and many are also BDSM lifestylers.
Before agreeing to see a client, dominatrices will likely meet each potential client casually at a public place to discuss client interests, fantasies, possible motivations and appropriate boundaries.
We have found that many dominatrices have taken relevant college courses that help them with their profession, but professional BDSM training occurs primarily through a "hands on" mentoring process.
New dominatrices must know how to use each tool, its capability for causing harm, and how to use it safely and properly.
Dominatrices need to learn about a wide range of fantasies and the potential ways that fantasy and BDSM experience may function within a client's overall life.
For fantasies involving sensory stimulation, dominatrices need to be aware of common safety considerations, along with how the stimulation is being subjectively integrated and processed by the particular client.
Ethically, trained dominatrices are expected to treat clients respectfully and to use their best judgment in ensuring clients' physical and psychological safety.