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  • verb

Synonyms for dominate





tower above


Synonyms for dominate

to exercise authority or influence over

to command or issue commands in an arrogant manner

to occupy the preeminent position in

to rise above, especially so as to afford a view of

Synonyms for dominate

be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance

be in control

have dominance or the power to defeat over

be greater in significance than

look down on

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Bleach kraft pulps (BKP) dominate the market wood pulp business--a fact that is not about to change.
Inspired by Marey's work, an immense "virtual dancer" projected on the backdrop inexorably dominates a passive herd of live performers who scurry about below.
For Rumrich, it is the mother, rather than father, who dominates a masque that reflects Milton's pre-Oedipal "wish to renounce compromising involvement with identity-threatening maternal powers" (93).
It would be pleasing to believe otherwise, but the global system so dominates and intimidates present thinking that I expect societies will be taught still more painful lessons before they find the will to act.
1 1/s, as a function of circulating water temperature in the chamber, ram and door (WT1) and the rotors (WT2) (figure 5), indicates that mastication, not dispersive mixing of the carbon black, dominates viscosity reduction.
07 solar mass is nickel, an element particularly significant to the modeling, as energy from its radioactive decay is expected to dominate the supernova's light in its later stages.
Chaminade dominates the line of scrimmage with bigger, stronger players and doesn't allow Paraclete of Lancaster to run enough.
Recorded music dominates, but this large market is on the cusp of a technological revolution that will eventually transform the way the majority of people buy music.
Today, if a team dominates an era, that's usually enough for dynasty status, and that seems to be fine with most people.
It's really hard to win unless your defense dominates in the postseason.
ATI and 3DLabs continue to jostle for market share, but it's Nvidia's Quadro brand that still dominates, commanding 69% of the units and over 73% of revenue.
9 in the 100, dominates High Desert small schools in four sports.
Microsoft already has made clear its ambitions to make its Windows operating software ubiquitous, spreading beyond the desktop PCs it dominates.