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  • verb

Synonyms for dominate





tower above


Synonyms for dominate

to exercise authority or influence over

to command or issue commands in an arrogant manner

to occupy the preeminent position in

to rise above, especially so as to afford a view of

Synonyms for dominate

be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance

be in control

have dominance or the power to defeat over

be greater in significance than

look down on

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The Drillers should dominate the line of scrimmage.
There will be a time for Shaquille O'Neal to dominate again with an all-out assault on the basket, to lead with tongue wagging and knees curled beneath him, hanging in his trademarked Dunkman pose from the rim, over and over until the stanchion starts to buckle.
Seventy-four percent of respondents predict that consolidation will result in only a few healthy MVNO's that will dominate the market over the next 3 to 5 years.
DUBLIN, Ireland -- Insight to the roots of non-conforming lending in Australia and the entry of the specialist players that now dominate the market
Banks dominate the market, frequently securitising their loans through finance companies, making consumer credit a financial instrument exploited by the financial markets.
Both drugs dominate their respective drug classes in revenues and are expected to continue their dominance due to a lack of significant emerging drug launches through 2010.
Strangely, with fewer players on the field and missing its best scorer, Granada Hills went on to dominate the rest of the game.
Sales of 1 Gbps Fibre Channel dominated the market for approximately five years, 2 Gbps dominated for four years, and the report predicts 4 Gbps to dominate beyond five years.
While the WiMAX market will remain in the early stages, GaAs semiconductors will dominate specific functions in the RF module and demand will grow at a CAAGR (compound annual average growth rate) of 69 percent.
Dominate an era, and there will be tomes dedicated to your greatness - you're Babe Ruth, Bill Russell, Jerry Seinfeld.
Our goal is to continue to dominate in our existing staffing markets, to become a leading supplier of HCM software and to eventually dominate that rapidly emerging market as well," says Tim Giehll, CEO of Bond's eEmpACT Division.
Female hyenas dominate the species' rough-and-tumble social life and even grow penislike genitalia.
I don't come into races expecting to dominate,'' Hwang said.
Furthermore, high school faculties are dominated by teachers of college prep courses who want their subjects to dominate the curriculum and command the lion's share of the school budget.