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Synonyms for dominant

Synonyms for dominant

Synonyms for dominant

(music) the fifth note of the diatonic scale

an allele that produces the same phenotype whether its paired allele is identical or different

exercising influence or control

Related Words

(of genes) producing the same phenotype whether its allele is identical or dissimilar

most frequent or common

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2] folds and subsequent strike-slip faults along dominantly NNW-SSE to N-S trends between 2600 and 2590 Ma, leading to interference and partial masking of earlier trends (e.
The Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer's Network has announced three medications that will be used in a primary prevention study in asymptomatic patients who carry an autosomal dominant mutation.
Imagine their horror when they found that, overnight, the most dominantly male, reactionary, and antiwoman party in the land had voted itself a rightwing woman leader and future prime minister.
Whereas the introduction usefully locates feminist analysis in an historical (albeit dominantly American) context, it inclines towards beating some dead horses rather severely; for example, A.
The people of Georgia and Armenia, dominantly Christian, accepted Russian control as protection from Turkish persecution.
Late last spring, Citation felt it was time to position itself more dominantly, and made its stock available for public sale.
As a dominantly Muslim country it is often included in regional Middle Eastern political geography, while its important role in Islamic Africa is often ignored.
This is quite different from the dominantly inside-the-company life you used to lead.
This sediment is dominantly clayey-silt and largely overlies sand deposited during previous storm events.
By 1900 the Catholics, though still dominantly Irish, numbered 28,994 and at 13.
It's based on dominantly their participation and leadership in serving youth through Scouting,'' said Bart Gentry, the Antelope Valley district director.
When our civilization was dominantly rural and agricultural and human relationships less complex than they are today, the Bible served as a handbook of conduct to which many could turn in time of need or temptation.
The dominantly ethnic-Chinese leadership in Singapore has made it a priority to ensure religious and racial harmony in the city-state, which was torn by violent race riots in the 1950s and early 1960s.