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Synonyms for inheritance

Synonyms for inheritance

any special privilege accorded a firstborn

something immaterial, as a style or philosophy, that is passed from one generation to another

Synonyms for inheritance

hereditary succession to a title or an office or property


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any attribute or immaterial possession that is inherited from ancestors

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A simple way to train to shoot without the use of your dominant eye is to completely cover the lens of your shooting glasses with tape.
The sights of both shoulder-fired weapons and handguns should naturally appear directly in front of the dominant eye when rapidly presented at eye level.
Congruence and incongruence of the dominant eye and hand is determined by this variable.
By doing this they can see the surrounding area and target with the non-dominant eye, and see the reticle with the dominant eye.
In monovision, the dominant eye is fit for distance viewing, the non-dominant eye for near viewing.
Think of the relationship this way: When you point at an object with your index finger, whether you're right or left handed, your finger points to exactly where your dominant eye is looking.
If we do not use both eyes and are not using our dominant eye, we are certainly not doing all we can to hit the ball as well as we're capable of.
CustomVue Monovision Lasik, made by Advanced Medical's Visx unit, corrects the distance vision in a patient's dominant eye and only partially corrects the other eye so it is better at seeing close up.
A dominant eye would see itself directly in a mirror but would observe the other eye looking at an angle away from the median.
In cases of unilateral strabismus, treatment usually involves forcing the misaligned eye to work harder by occluding the dominant eye with a patch or with special glasses in which one lens is covered.
Using atropine drops to blur vision in the dominant eye only works if that eye has a refractive error, said Dr.
Adams (1965) found that baseball players whose dominant eye and hand were on the same side appeared to adjust their batting stances in order to allow the dominant eye to better see the approaching ball.
You can see better if you use your dominant eye to look through a telescope or microscope.
For the most part, our dominant eye is on the same side as our dominant hand, but not always.