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Synonyms for dominant

Synonyms for dominant

Synonyms for dominant

(music) the fifth note of the diatonic scale

an allele that produces the same phenotype whether its paired allele is identical or different

exercising influence or control

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(of genes) producing the same phenotype whether its allele is identical or dissimilar

most frequent or common

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Therefore, a model is needed to predict height growth of dominant trees and site index for perhutani's teak plus plantation which can be used as reference for forest management plans.
All subjects performed Moberg pickup test faster with their dominant hand as compared to their non-dominant hand both when eyes open and blind folded (Table 1), and the overall mean values with eyes open and when blindfolded were found to be statistically significant.
Once the Dominant felt that the submissive had properly learned and mastered the ability to properly care for the Dom's boots, the Dom would present the submissive with his own pair of boots.
After using our formula, we were able to come out with the finding that the dominant majority party is the LP while the dominant minority party is UNA, said Bautista.
This sudden change in agonistic behavior signifies the formation of the dominance relationship, and identifies the newly emerged subordinate and dominant (Herberholz et al.
The existing body of literature about dominant parties largely addresses the following political parties: the Liberal Democratic Party (Japan), the Indian National Congress (India), the Mapai/Labor Party (Israel), the Kuomintang/ Chinese Nationalist Party (Taiwan), the Social Democratic Party (Sweden), the Institutional Revolutionary Party (Mexico), the Christian Democratic Party (Italy), the African National Congress (South Africa) and the United Malays National Organisation (Malaysia).
RECESSIVE These genes are "weak" and are always dominated by strong, dominant genes unless two of them get together for a particular trait - they're donated by each parent.
In the said resolution, the poll body said the dominant majority and minority party, the ten major 10 national parties and two major local parties shall be determined on the basis of the following:
tarafindan hazirlanan ve dergimizin Mart 2015 sayisinda yayinlanan "Saglikli Sedanter Bireylerin Dominant ve Non-Dominant Bacak Kas Reaksiyon Zamani ve Propriosepsiyonu" (Turk J Phys Med Rehab 2015; 61:51-7) baslikli yazinin hazirlik asamasinda makalenin yazarlarindan Saadet Banu Keles'in ismi sehven yanlis yazilmistir.
THE Competition Commission of India ( CCI) has ordered a new investigation against real estate major DLF for alleged abuse of its dominant market position in development and sale of residential units in the company's Skycourt project in Gurgaon.
2] Dominant preference is the term used when use of one eye, ear, foot or hand is favoured over the other by an individual.
This motor behavior is "cross-lateralized," while using right hand, the dominant left hemisphere is activated.
Male wild turkeys come in two kinds; dominant males have exaggerated sexually attractive traits while subordinate males are less ornate.
Q I've read numerous articles about precautions regarding the introduction of another dog into a multiple-dog household, but I've never read anything about what might happen when the dominant dog leaves the household.