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Synonyms for dominance

Synonyms for dominance

the act of exercising controlling power or the condition of being so controlled

Synonyms for dominance

superior development of one side of the body


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the organic phenomenon in which one of a pair of alleles present in a genotype is expressed in the phenotype and the other allele of the pair is not

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Treat Treatment description Code T1 Seeds at environmental temperature for 30 Con30 days (control) T2 Seeds stratified for 30 days Stra30 T3 Seeds scarified and stratified for 30 days Scar+Stra30 T4 Seeds at environmental temperature for 60 Con60 days (control) T5 Seeds stratified for 60 days Est60 T6 Seeds scarified and stratified for 60 days Scar+Stra60 T7 Seeds at environmental temperature for 90 Con90 days (control) T8 Seeds stratified for 90 days Est90 T9 Seeds scarified and stratified for 90 days Scar+Stra90 Table 2--Emergence (%) and emergence speed index (ESI) of the plantlets from pecan seeds subjected to different methods of dominancy overcome.
Despite the efforts made by the state of Pakistan to make education accessible for females, obstacles such as male dominancy, paternalistic culture, and insufficient legal protection from sexual harassment hinder women's involvement in the labor force (Raza, 2007).
17] Furthermore, this study found the dominancy of environmental barricades in hand hygiene obedience, such as lack of soap, broken soap dispensers, and lack of paper towels.
Depending upon the dominancy of two or three responses to these three questions, these were further scaled 1 through 3 to express the overall degree of participation.
Instead of constraining people and threatening them with dominancy, it would have been beneficial to explore patterns of resistance and how desires, identities and beliefs are shaped.
Violence against women, the dominancy of men, polygamy, violation of rights and harassment of women are very common.
The camera is the symbol of male power over the women and by destroying the camera the protagonist acts her first protest against this dominancy.
Any notion of culture lends itself to fascist culture or any cultural visionary endeavor is fascist because it works to promote "restorative revolutionary transformation of human history" and he adds that they work to present a "racially stratified humanity" all in the name of dominancy.
The dominancy of the internet gives rise to many new sources that rival the old.
There is a need of harmonizing male dominancy, to make sure equivalent voice of women in decision-making, promotion of vocational training for women, ensuring protection at place of work, elimination of health inequalities, discarding limitations on women's participation, harmonizing role of women in the domestic setting and elimination of unnecessary cultural taboos.
Given that right-handed individuals usually have left hemispheric dominancy, this could explain why the BIS-L increased noticeably in participants during turning, even in the presence of a left-sided TBI.
Oil dominancy in this field can not challenged currently by any of the existing alternatives despite current trends.
Out of four major types of the teeth (Pre-molar, molar, incisor and canine) all were observed in varying number among both of the genders, but female dominancy was recorded.
Results of the current study regarding group dominancy are in harmony with the findings of Abdel-Tawwab et al.
These relations identify that female graduates presence in the labor market is neither strongly linked with the female graduation ratio nor with female gender dominancy over male gender in terms of gross enrollment ratio at tertiary level.