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Synonyms for dominance

Synonyms for dominance

the act of exercising controlling power or the condition of being so controlled

Synonyms for dominance

superior development of one side of the body


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the organic phenomenon in which one of a pair of alleles present in a genotype is expressed in the phenotype and the other allele of the pair is not

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Lateralization also changed with sex and paw preference in CA subfields and the subiculum as: left dominancy in the males and in the right paw group; right dominancy in the left paw group.
After partnering with Sequoia Capital a year ago, we decided to proactively strive for dominancy as the best Search Marketing Platform in the US.
The strategic significance of Central Asia (called the heart of Eurasia geography) was the scene for dominancy fights throughout history and became even more important after the attacks of September 11th.
Courtney's argument is that Guess does not depict an interracial love and marriage but that it fantasizes white patriarchal dominancy, which is secured at the end by the white father's assenting speech, which concludes the whole day's turmoil among the family.
However, at relatively high wage rates the phenomenon of a backward bending labor supply occurs, indicating the dominancy of the income effect (see Link and Settle, [1981] who discuss a case of backward bending supply of married professional nurses).
Heterosexuality, male dominancy, and the father image.
BEYBLADE: METAL FURY DESTROYER DOME Set Battle for full 360-degrees of dominancy in the BEYBLADE: METAL FURY DESTROYER DOME set.
In 2011, Sanofi Pasteur replaced GSK and became the dominant player in influenza vaccine landscape, while in the cervical cancer market, Merck is at the forefront and is expected to maintain its dominancy over a longer period of time.
In our study, we aimed to evaluate whether right-hand dominancy in patients with RA was related to the clinical/radiological involvement of the hand and hand dexterity.
There is still no study investigating the effect of leg dominancy on tibial slope in the current literature.
For Turkey, a renewed and escalated military conflict serves the interests of the traditional Kemalist elite and army to protect their century-long privileges and dominancy within the Turkish establishment, as has been challenged by the AKP- led government with its initiatives to drive Turkey toward EU standards and check the army.