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Once finalized, the revised guidelines will replace the current guidelines on the abuse of dominance provisions.
The chair of HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA), Mark Tucker, has opined that the Chinese currency is not in a position to challenge the dominance of the dollar.
In all four crosses dominance gene action was found to be important in the inheritance of both days to anthesis and silking.
In this paper, the stochastic dominance theory is applied to test the dominance relations among program trading strategies and select the optimal program trading strategy for investors, judge the profitability of program trading strategies and thus verify the efficiency of China's stock market indirectly.
According to the conflict-based perspective, dominance is the major method of establishing social rank within a society (Cheng et al.
Garment industry in Bangladesh is the largest provider of decent salary and industrial jobs and women dominance in the industry has empowered them nationally.
Like most social animals, crayfish readily form dominance relationships and linear social hierarchies when competing for limited resources.
In spite of seasonal changes in the rates of agonistic behavior, dominance relations were generally stable across seasons.
Right coronary dominance is present in majority of people, and in others it is either left coronary dominance or co-dominance.
I don't know of any scientific studies into the effect of right/left dominance on shooting ability.
In a working paper, researchers from Leibniz Institute for Age Research-Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), Jena/Germany, University of Glasgow, UK, and Buck Institute for Research on Aging, USA, summarize and contrast international research results on the various cell-intrinsic mechanisms that lead to a clonal dominance of mutant stem and progenitor cells in aging tissues.
With information easier to access and more exploitable than ever, America's Navy has created the Information Dominance Corps (IDC)--a community charged with mastering the capabilities, tools and techniques required to effectively collect, process, analyze and apply information.
Washington, Apr 24 ( ANI ): A new study has found that like many social mammals, ravens form different types of social relationships - they may be friends, kin, or partners and they also form strict dominance relations.