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Synonyms for domestication

adaptation to intimate association with human beings

the attribute of having been domesticated

accommodation to domestic life

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Rising genetic diversity marks a trail leading to domestication.
Scientific and interdisciplinary research on the early stages of domestication and sedentism in Iran was pioneered by Robert J.
Washington, Apr 19 ( ANI ): Recent research on the domestication of donkeys, camelids (which includes dromedaries, Bactrian camels, llamas and alpacas) pigs, cattle, sheep and goats suggests that neither intentional breeding nor genetic isolation were as significant as traditionally thought.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Dogs and wolves evolved from a common ancestor between 9,000 and 34,000 years ago, before humans transitioned to agricultural societies, according to an analysis of modern dog and wolf genomes from areas of the world thought to be centers of dog domestication.
We thought one of them would be, because they represent wolves from the three possible centres of dog domestication, but none was.
Professor Keith Dobney, of the University of Aberdeen, said: "Just about everything associated with domestication is really about the beginnings of farming.
The discovery of the civilization, named al-Maqar after the site's location, will challenge the theory that the domestication of animals took place 5,500 years ago in Central Asia, said Ali al-Ghabban, Vice-President of Antiquities and Museums at the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities.
This species miscegenation, I argue, is essentially a domestication of vampires and humans into a posthuman interracialization.
This work for Mesoamerica specialists and students is an abridged version of Histories of Maize, a compilation of data and theories on the domestication of maize in the Western Hemisphere.
Indigenous fruit trees in the tropics; domestication, utilization and commercialization.
Domestication is the process of taming wild animals.
There are concerns that such cosy domestication is undermining the tough, rural character of the landscape, so this new dwelling adopts the vernacular argot of local farm buildings as opposed to the more conspicuous enunciation of the trophy house.
Thus Billi becomes the first cat to choose domestication.
Maliszewski examines what's at stake in Chabon's manipulation--a question germane to both memoirs and novels, as well as to the particular domestication of the Holocaust in America.
The farm resists her best efforts at domestication, as does Denys, and she is forced to leave them both.