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The first comprises domesticated animals, including dogs, cats, and other household pets, along with farm animals.
In our study, we detected viral RNA in all domesticated animal species examined, although the viral RNA copy numbers were low (<[10.
Hamid Bitweni, an economist, explains that the high prices for meat are not justifiable in the Region as the domesticated animal market has had a recent influx of Iranian cattle.
A new proposal, House Bill 1180, provides for a Class D felony, a first-degree animal cruelty charge, for anyone causing "pain, serious injury or death to any domesticated animal.
In the surf zone, patterns were also suggestive of some domesticated animal source.
The Mexican turkey is the ancestor of all domestic turkeys consumed in the world today and Mesoamerica's only indigenous domesticated animal.
However, most pathogens can infect several host species; >60% of human pathogens, >68% of wild primate parasites, and >90% of domesticated animal pathogens infect multiple host species (1-3).
This scenario reminds me of a domesticated animal that is totally reliant upon its owner for subsistence.
Now there are two claimants to the cow and the police are giving the domesticated animal a chance to decide his master.
LAKE VIEW TERRACE - A horse killed on the film set of ``Flicka'' this week was a domesticated animal that died after tripping on its lead rope, city animal control officials said Tuesday.
He's not a hugely domesticated animal, but in a funny way no one really expects him to be," the Daily Mail quoted him, as saying.
The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries' Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences has doubled capacity of their TimeLogic(TM) DeCypher(R) Accelerated Bioinformatics Solution for key domesticated animal genomic analysis projects.
com/): ``HADD/USA can visualize a time when walking and hiking trails worldwide are free of human and domesticated animal feces (solid waste, droppings), and that systems and facilities will be readily available for the transport and/or treatment of these solid wastes.
Meerstein commented on the cruelty of releasing domesticated animals to the wild and stated in the Sheboygan Press, "Released mink can't survive in the wild.
In her new book, ``Clara: The Early Years'' (Villard; $21), Kaufman tells the story of her transformation from ``pet owner'' to ``pet parent,'' and humorously skewers our national obsession with domesticated animals in the process.