domestic violence

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violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner

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Although in recent years several cities have moved toward reform, domestic violence remains at best a low priority.
Simpson case was about the epidemic of domestic violence in the United States.
She added: "But the number of repeat victims of domestic violence - that is people who are victims of domestic violence two or more times a year - is going down.
Stopping Domestic Violence contains two prominent features for law enforcement agencies.
Pauline Musgrove (Cherokee), a domestic violence specialist with the Native American Coalition, is working to bridge the gap with the statewide Oklahoma Coalition.
In Chicago, more than 205,000 domestic violence calls were made to the Chicago Police Department in 2000--an average of 562 calls a day.
Gibney has started holding forums for the dance community about domestic violence and her company's work with Sanctuary in an effort to inspire others to get involved with nonprofits.
Some domestic violence courts are limited to first appearance, or docket, courts.
The bad news is that domestic violence is very real," said Gwenn A.
Domestic violence refers not only to physical assaults but also to systematic psychological, emotional or verbal abuse.
He begins by laying the theological groundwork for his model: reconciliation and restoration for all involved in domestic violence, including the perpetrators.
Domestic violence co-ordinators and Staffordshire County Council have joined forces to urge victims of abuse to come forward and report the perpetrators to police.
Most assaults, including crimes of domestic violence, fall into the Part Two crime category based on the guidelines of the UCR.
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