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ovipneumoniae (members of Old World Caprinae, including domestic sheep and mouflon, a closely related Eurasian sheep species) is consistent with many observations that epizootic bighorn sheep pneumonia frequently follows contact with these hosts (5,19).
However, herds of free-ranging domestic goats were observed in the southern portion of SMP, approximately 60 km from the proposed bighorn sheep release site, and a mixed herd of penned goats and domestic sheep in the village of Antiguos Mineros del Norte situated <10km from the proposed release site.
Compensation for large carnivore depredation of domestic sheep 1994-2001.
The plan calls for reducing natural mortality of the sheep, avoiding contact with domestic sheep and expanding the number of herds by relocating sheep.
Internal memoranda from Arizona Game and Fish Department biologists indicated that disease transmission from domestic sheep, habitat degradation, and drought are all threats to the bighorn sheep population.
Park officials have banned livestock within their boundaries and created buffer zones between wild and domestic sheep.
In the United States, the most prominent carrier is the domestic sheep.
Coyote predation on domestic sheep deterred with electronic dog-training collar.
These slightly built animals look like the domestic sheep of Stone-Age Britain and are the sort that were kept centuries ago before selective breeding led to the kinds of farm sheep we see today.
Disease spread from domestic sheep also is a chronic threat.
Recent troubles in the Welsh lamb industry have been due in part to unheeded warnings against relying long-term on selling to Spain, where the domestic sheep sector was said to be capable of fulfilling local demand and more.
While wild cattle and pigs were also domesticated elsewhere, all the domestic sheep and goats in the world today derive from wild ancestors in SW Asia.
Peacock and his allies would like to see all domestic sheep removed from the core area of public lands where the bears are thought to be holed up (the incessant bleating of sheep attracts predators from miles around, and many sheepmen shoot predators on sight, legal or not).
Brucellosis causes miscarriages in domestic sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, and in wildlife such as deer, elk and bison.
But when humans settled the valley in the early 20th century--building roads and homes, erecting fences and telephone wires, introducing domestic sheep and a plague of diseases--the Teton bighorns retreated to the rocky ledges and barren, wind- scoured ridgelines of their native mountains.