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theory and practice of homemaking

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HARD AT WORK: Pupils working cheek by jowl in their classrooms, left, and in the domestic science room and the metalwork room, below; SPORT: Boro skipper Tony Mowbray at the school, right; far right, teachers Linda Cross and Michael Cain fr right; and, bottom, the girls' athletics teams
As I did domestic science instead of metalwork the lads used to rob my sausage rolls on a regular basis.
There were six ordinary classrooms plus two science rooms, a gymnasium with showers, assembly hall, library and two domestic science rooms where we were taught to do laundry, cook, clean and bake.
It's a scene familiar to many girls of the era at schools across the region, today's picture shows pupils of Queen Elizabeth Girls Grammar School in Hexham in a domestic science lesson .
I remember being in the domestic science stream and my mother was very pleased, as we were able to get extra butter and sugar etc supplied for lessons.
Mrs Roughley left Aigburth Vale High School, Liverpool, at the age of 17, and went to FL Calder College of Domestic Science for three years.
It may interest your readers to know that I taught domestic science in Newcastle schools for nineteen years and retired in 1956.
A teenager was pinned against the wall by the Citroen Xantia which crashed through metal railings and into a domestic science block.
Along with national recognition, the winners and finalists of the National Science Bowl are awarded prizes such as foreign and domestic science trips, school link-ups to the National High School Supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, computer hardware and software, and teacher scholarships.
Nor do we know the names of the fifth form pastry-cooks (below), though we know the girls were under the supervision of domestic science mistress Miss Z E Hull and were preparing for their domestic science GCEs in June.
And while the irony of the Tokyo gourmet guzzling will not be lost on the peasant farmer in a famine-stricken land, the general thrust of Gordon Brown's home-based domestic science class makes perfect sense.
The fact that proper education about food was removed from our schools a few eons ago results in current generations misunderstanding why they end up craving sugary, simple carbohydrate-based foods, why they feel hungry so often, why diets rarely work in the long term and, just as importantly, how to cook a good steak' the latter a legacy of the demise of the domestic science lessons.
Before setting off we had to go to the domestic science room where enormous tin baths of hot water were set out for us to wash and scrub our hands, supervised by prefects.
When we attended, the main area of study was catering with other courses focusing on hairdressing, domestic science, dressmaking, secretarial, commerce and engineering.