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theory and practice of homemaking

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The pupils are being supervised by senior mistress Mrs R Bamforth and domestic science teacher Mrs R Lockwood.
Nor do we know the names of the fifth form pastry-cooks (below), though we know the girls were under the supervision of domestic science mistress Miss Z E Hull and were preparing for their domestic science GCEs in June.
What if the libido-drenched millionaire domestic science teacher becomes an example to our folks, not just on the culinary arts but also in financial matters?
MY domestic science teacher, Miss Woodvine, had the skill of Jamie Oliver and the patience of a saint.
My reply was to follow the rules that she was taught in domestic science at school and I was very surprised to hear she had no idea what I was talking about.
The company designs and makes furniture to fit out school laboratories, domestic science rooms, offices and libraries.
Only two weeks ago, Terry Page was looking for her friend Gwenda Scott, nee Jones, with whom she shared some wonderful times at the FL Calder Domestic Science College in Liverpool from 1956 until 1959, and later when they also shared a house.
Visitors to Yelvertoft County Primary School were able to see its new windchime garden, library, domestic science area and IT suite.
The pupils were in the domestic science classroom at the Green Hall School when the Citroen saloon driven by a 79-year-old man reversed off the road and smashed through metal railings, crossed a grass verge and embedding itself in the wooden pre-fabricated building.
With me, it was domestic science - cookery," she says.
They organised one for about 60 of them and the club members got a carol concert, a play and a tea which had been arranged by girls from the school's domestic science department.
I don't want to condemn them out of hand because there are some that take it on board, but domestic science is not what it was in schools.
Hugh, a semi-retired management consultant and career coach and Shona, 58, a former domestic science teacher have lived in Thropton since 1996.
In this age of school league tables, inflexible school curricula, and ever tightening budgets, cookery class (or domestic science as it was called back in the pre-metric days
DOES anyone know Gwenda, the domestic science teacher from Bangor?