domestic relations court

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a court in some states in the United States that has jurisdiction over family disputes (especially those involving children)

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is particularly skilled in the problems of domestic relations, being the first colored woman to be appointed to the Domestic Relations Court in New York City.
When married women approached the domestic relations court, they had to struggle to maintain control over their decision to press charges against their husbands.
We have them going to domestic relations court to do that, and especially in the domestic violence area, we have people appearing in all of those courts, and what happens is we end up with inconsistent court rulings.
A juvenile and domestic relations court judge will decide by next autumn if they should be punished for defacing sidewalks.
A QDRO is a judgment, decree, court order or property settlement issued by a state domestic relations court.
Other women go to domestic relations court, "which is what we suggest they do if they can bear it financially," Finnegan-Grenier said.
Because I thought a man was entitledto go out by himself once in a while," testified John Wangle in Domestic Relations Court, "my wife bought two bloodhounds and had me tracked down wherever I went.
Judge Wood's suggestion that the case be dealtwith in domestic relations court is also ironic in light of the refrain frequently heard by battered women from civil court judges, such as the Somerville, Massachusetts, district court judge, who said, "Hey, sister, if things are that tough, file a criminal complaint.
The City of Norfolk (the "City") is soliciting qualified vendors to secure professional support for the Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act which provides a Community Work Team program and services to work with adolescents referred by the Norfolk Juvenile Domestic Relations Court.
COLLEGE BASKETBALL:Former Virginia basketball player Courtney Alexander was convicted in Albemarle County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court of assaulting his girlfriend and sentenced to four days in jail.
The panel agreed the caseload numbers supported extra judges for both the Hampton General District Court and the Hampton Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.
Ben Mackoff, a Chicago lawyer who recently retired as presiding judge of Cook County's domestic relations court, said it's debatable whether Illinois law even allows judges to hold children in contempt in custody disputes.
Following that setback, the legal system, especially after the creation of domestic relations courts, was to become the avenue of redress for deserted women.
Many jurisdictions do not have separate juvenile courts; often, juvenile cases emanate from probate or domestic relations courts, which do not place much emphasis on juveniles.
In civil cases - especially in domestic relations courts - frustration with the justice system may trigger courtroom violence.
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