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This suggestion was confirmed by using serosurveillance data; in some agropastoralist areas where anthrax had not been reported, serologic analysis of domestic dogs indicated that the disease had been present.
Domestic dogs (Canis familiaris) as reservoir for Rickettsia conorii.
Once disease is transmitted from a domestic dog to an individual wolf, the intense social behavior of wolf packs enables pathogens to spread almost instantly within the pack.
The electrophoretogram analysis indicated a (CA)17 microsatellite locus, two repeats exceeding the expected pattern for the domestic dog.
While we did not see a feral or free-ranging domestic dog in the area, not surprising due to the remote location (45 km from Barstow, California, and 19 km from the main base facilities at the National Training Center; Scott and Causey, 1973; Iverson, 1978; Butler et al.
Widespread occurrence of a domestic dog mitochondrial DNA haplotype in southeastern US coyotes.
It is illegal to import, export, sell or advertise any domestic dog or cat fur in the United States.
But an ancient pack of wolves didn't suddenly turn into domestic dogs overnight.
The lovable pooches - also known as Frenchies - are a small breed of domestic dog.
For humans, the domestic dog is the main source of exposure to RABV.
Their topics include fossil history, functional anatomy of the cetacean reproductive system compared to that of the domestic dog, the endocrinology of reproduction, the mature spermatozoon, fertilization, placental structure, and courtship and mating behavior.
ALL 300 breeds of domestic dog fall into one of 10 distinct groups whose appearance and behaviour has been moulded by humans over thousands of years, say scientists analysing new historical and genetic data.
But for years the classic tartan and familiar mac were in the domestic dog house fashion-wise, as leather trenchcoats and anoraks took over.
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