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whether the Egyptian domestic cat descends from cats imported from the Near East or whether a separate, second domestication took place in Egypt," researcher and paleogeneticist Claudio Ottoni said in a statement from Belgian university (https://nieuws.
Moreover, as evidence from archaeological finds suggests, 'in the early Neolithic, the boundary between domestic cat and wildcat was probably fine and variable' (Faure and Kitchener, 2009: 226).
Domestic cats carry seven different versions, or haplotypes, of this protein, called APOBEC3Z3.
The domestic cat Felis catus is the most widespread and probably also the most abundant mammalian carnivore inhabiting almost all terrestrial ecosystems of the world (Ebenhard 1988).
Fatal and nonfatal cases of tularemia in domestic cats (Felis catus) have been reported, as has the transmission of this disease from cats to humans (5-7).
Cat judges will be peeking, scrutinising and judging the four legged prima donnas in a variety of categories, both for pure breed and the humble domestic cat.
Most foxes are little bigger or heavier than a domestic cat and cats must prove formidable opponents in a fight.
They discuss the genetic relationship between the domestic cat and the rest of its family, the basis for its domestication, its sensory abilities, mechanisms of behavior, learning and intelligence, behavioral development, communication, feeding behavior, hunting and predation, social behavior, the cat-human relationship, and cat welfare.
RENO -- The Nevada owner of the longest domestic cat in the world says Stewie has died.
POLICE called off a widespread search for a lion reportedly on the loose and suggested the animal was more likely a large domestic cat or wildcat.
The cover image of a tiger and a domestic cat should raise the question: Would you expect to find a "big cat" (wild cat) near a "kitty" (domestic cat)?
Apparently, it's half domestic cat, which begs the question: what does half a domestic cat look like?
In his warped mind he took the life of a domestic cat who was only looking for a next meal (Handgun Hunting, July/Aug 2010).
While the humble domestic cat, their close relation, only emits a cute meow or a slightly tetchy hiss, big cats make a far more fearsome sound.
THE highly-elusive Kellas Cat, pictured left, which is black and slightly larger than a big domestic cat, was always dismissed as a mythical creature.
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