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When we look to the hereditary varieties or races of our domestic animals and plants, and compare them with species closely allied together, we generally perceive in each domestic race, as already remarked, less uniformity of character than in true species.
The argument mainly relied on by those who believe in the multiple origin of our domestic animals is, that we find in the most ancient records, more especially on the monuments of Egypt, much diversity in the breeds; and that some of the breeds closely resemble, perhaps are identical with, those still existing.
But, in truth, Stevie moped in the striking fashion of an unhappy domestic animal.
Between him and all domestic animals there must be no hostilities.
The high wall surrounding the fields served as a protection against surprise by raiding green hordes, as well as keeping the savage banths and other carnivora from the domestic animals and the human beings upon the farms.
When it comes to domestic animal incidence, cats lead the way, followed by cattle, then dogs.
Our economically important domestic animal population consists of 648 million poultry and 515 million cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goat, pigs, rabbits etc.
To apply the rule of Bard--that "when harm is caused by a domestic animal, its owner's liability is determined solely" by the vicious propensity rule (6 NY3d at 599)--in a case like this would be to immunize defendants who take little or no care to keep their livestock out of the roadway or off of other people's property.
College of Law) seeks to help bridge that gap by illustrating how international laws affect domestic animal interests and advocacy and discussing how international measures could be used as tools to advance animal interests.
Table-I: Isolation rate of keratinophilic fungal biota from various domestic animal hairs in Sukkur City.
A demographic survey conducted in July 2006 showed that 77% of households had at least 1 domestic animal (i.
The fourth updated edition of Functional Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals integrates different approaches to domestic animal anatomy from the microscopic level upwards, considering connections between species, systems, and expanded coverage of avian topics.
1 : a domestic animal that eats meat and is closely related to the wolves
No domestic animal has ever tested positive for rabies in Shrewsbury, though raccoons, bats, skunks, though not many in recent years, and a red fox and a feral kitten, in the early 1990s - have all tested positive, according to Animal Inspector Bob Moore.
Plenty of books cover wild animals and others pack all the domestic animals under one general 'farm' cover, so it's pleasing to find individual domestic animal books for grades 1-2, and this 'Animals That Live on The Farm' series by Joann Early Macken provides an excellent set.
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