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a stadium that has a roof

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We played in Colt Stadium for three years, and each year we would see the progress of the domed stadium being built next to it.
Super Bowls have only been played in warm cities like Miami, New Orleans or San Diego or in domed stadiums in cold cities like Detroit, Minneapolis or Indianapolis.
He wanted Houston NL fans to be on site to witness the new domed stadium grow from a cavernous hole-in-the-ground into what would be dubbed the "Eighth Wonder of the World.
Fellow/Life Member ASHRAE, on the factors considered in the feasibility study and subsequent design of the Houston Astrodome, formerly the Harris County Domed Stadium, brings back memories of countless baseball and football games I was fortunate to attend there over some forty years.
Winners in the winter chill will meet February 3 in Super Bowl 42 at a warm domed stadium in the Arizona desert.
A large supercomputer such as Japanese Earth Simulator is capable of producing enough heat to warm a domed stadium.
7-acre metal roof decking of the 70,000-seat domed stadium.
Nobody is going to want to have a convention inside of a domed stadium, if they were doing that you'd have conventions in Minneapolis, in the dome down in New Orleans and all these other places, it just doesn't happen," Zoffinger said.
Vinatieri is hoping the weather will play its part - he's never missed a field goal in a domed stadium.
Because of his efforts, Queeny Park remained a park instead of being converted into a golf course; the Corps of Engineers was compelled to acknowledge its jurisdiction to control any construction below the high water mark of a navigable river and to subject any such proposal to scrutiny under the National Environmental Policy Act; a quarry and rock-crushing plant was not built in a residential area in Franklin County; the domed stadium is located in St.
Preliminary matches in the leagues of box-type robots and four-legged robots began at the domed stadium Wednesday.
Hailed as the "eighth wonder of the world" when it opened as the world's first domed stadium in 1965, the Reliant Astrodome can accommodate trade shows that need up to 131,000 square feet or general sessions with seating requirements up to 70,000.
As a Texan, we are proud to be hosting the first Women's Final Four ever played in a domed stadium.
According to lower court rulings, Abe received a total of 90 million yen from Goro Moriguchi, former vice president of Kyowa, on seven occasions between August 1989 and January 1990, when he was serving as the agencies' chief, in return for helping the firm join a project to build the domed stadium and other projects.
The 70,000-seat, domed stadium is a part of the versatile, state-of-the-art convention center in St.