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Synonyms for domed

having a hemispherical vault or dome


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His inspiration was clearly the Pantheon, though the Mosta church has a higher drum and was possibly modelled on the early 19thcentury domed church of San Francesco di Paola in Naples.
The rules for chartering one of the many domed rail cars available are simple: The itinerary is your call, but advance planning is mandatory.
The original plans for the building included a domed theater, but when that feature was taken out of the new facility, we wanted to keep the dome in the plan because the street corner it's on doubles as an entry point for the museum district," said David Mahlman of Mahlman & Miles Architects, the facility's designer.
recently moved from leased space in Eugene to a brand-new 4,500-square-foot domed office and showroom of its own in Veneta.
Besides hundreds of domed storage facilities for agricultural and industrial uses, the buildings have been used as homes, schools, churches and gymnasiums.
A few years ago, I spotted a domed home on the cover of a magazine.
The domed gyms are illuminated in a variety of ways.
It's the fact that it's held up so well while other domed stadiums are losing teams and considered obsolete.