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having the shape of a dome

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The watch, with an engraved 'Henry 1965' at the back, had a dome-shaped acrylic cover, built-in three hands, and leather strap.
Make also a hole on the dome-shaped cake and put it n top of the stack.
The lens is a composite of dome-shaped pockets that adjust size and shape as fluid is pumped into or out of them.
It's actually a composite of several separate dome-shaped fluid pockets, with small domes sitting atop one larger dome.
Our simulations show that the dome-shaped structure with different properties focused seismic energy into the mud layer and could have liquefied the mud, which then injected into nearby faults,' said Stephen Miller of the University of Bonn.
The fourth of six layers that make up the human cornea, the dome-shaped outer lens that protects the eye.
Some top toys are: KONG - A dome-shaped rubber toy with a hole through it that can be stuffed with all sorts of your dog's favourite foods.
The dome-shaped gold locket has flower motifs engraved on it with a gold chain.
The process required six separate demolition sessions to remove the dome-shaped roof.
Neff held a personal fascination with dome-shaped 'bubble houses' and this book gathers and presents them all, exploring Neff's designs and providing with modern and vintage photography capturing them.
The Duchess of Cambridge sheltered from the rain at the Warhorse premiere beneath a clear plastic dome-shaped umbrella, gallantly carried by husband Will.
Their shape makes a good contrast to dome-shaped plants.
The company has substantial capacity for raw sugar storage including a dome-shaped store with a diameter of 176 m and a height of 84 m.
We have on offer: Calabrese Ironman - vigorous variety yielding dome-shaped blue-green heads.
Inside the pavilion will be dome-shaped symbolizing a yurt.