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  • noun

Synonyms for dome

arched roof


Synonyms for dome

the uppermost part of the body

Synonyms for dome

a concave shape whose distinguishing characteristic is that the concavity faces downward

informal terms for a human head

a stadium that has a roof

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In response to the acquisition, Don Valenzuela replied, “Color Solutions is excited about merging with DOME Print & Marketing Solutions.
Bucky's method of building a dome uses much less material and allows the spanning of greater distances than ever before.
1) Thomas Williams loosens bolts while working to tear down a dome house at L.
In general, lunar domes occur in loose Clusters--where there's one dome, there's probably another nearby.
Although no exploration is currently planned underground at Dome, Still says they are bringing into production existing resources that were uneconomic when the mine was placed on care and maintenance with gold prices hovering near $300 an ounce.
Yet the architects who built Grand Meadow's dome expected that same reaction--and the subsequent business dollars--but it never materialized, even after the firm began racking up regional and national awards.
Dome school provided vital information on the company's exclusive Super-Lock hub connector system.
Orix is expected to hold a board meeting around April 20 to determine the purchase of Osaka Dome, the sources said, adding the major leasing company will then reach an accord with Kazuhide Urata, the administrator of the assets of Osaka City Dome Co.
Even after the modifications that followed after Michelangelo's death in 1564, Pietro della Valle, who visited Istanbul in 1614, remarked on the similarity of the city's royal mosques 'which are truly beautiful to look at' and Michelangelo's dome for the new church of St Peter's.
Originally built by Union Pacific back in 1955 as a sight-seeing dome car with 34 passenger seats and a bar, the Bella Vista was "re-imagined" by Rail Ventures, its current owner, which spent $2 million to realize its full potential.
This contrasts with the traditional linear trimming process which uses the gap or space between the rings of the dome to hold the container.
That's exactly how the subdivision's developer, Linda Boothe, became a dome believer.
The clear dome at the 11-foot apex of its rounded top sparkles in the sun, and its circular, aerodynamic body seems prepared for a silent liftoff.