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strings of letters and numbers (separated by periods) that are used to name organizations and computers and addresses on the internet

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Many large companies have had their sites go down because their administrative contact forgot to renew the domain name.
The domain name service," VeriSigu says, "is separate from email, and, unfortunately, the systems that handle email are not able to recognize or support non-English language characters at this time.
It is highly recommended that qualified specialists be consulted before you select a global domain name.
In another case, a young boy nicknamed Pokey managed to hang on to his personal Web site's domain name despite complaints from makers of Gumby and Pokey dolls.
According to the Great Domains model, Sterling's domain name is worth between $1,000 and $40,000.
Situations that involve ownership of domain names are not unusual in the business world, and there is already a body of case law developing around so-called Internet domain name hijackers and pirates.
On average the National Arbitration Forum resolves domain name disputes in less than 50 days compared to what may take years in court.
By taking advantage of the Platinum Service to consolidate its vast domain name portfolio, Unilever will have greater visibility of threats to its online brands and greater flexibility to adapt its online brand protection strategy as its business needs change.
In order to capture the high demand and to provide a full turn key Internet solutions to assist Vietnamese businesses and its citizens, Dot VN will continue to work closely with VNNIC to drive online domain name registration, as well as plan and build strategically located IDC's throughout Vietnam.
Sedo's partnership with Dotster marks the fifth such integration of its secondary domain name marketplace at a major registrar this year.
But as the project grew we realized that we could also increase the demand for registering new domain names and buying expired domain names if we provided a free auction service.
Concurrent with the increase in total registrations, demand and prices continue to rise in the domain name aftermarket.
We are extremely proud to have secured such a prestigious domain name in this exciting sector," said Julius Dreyer.
vn domain name registration grew from 10,592 domains registered by October 1,2005 to over 30,000 registered domain names as of October 17, 2006.
Registration information management: Edit the Whois information for your domain name quickly and easily