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Synonyms for migration

Synonyms for migration

departure from one's native land to settle in another

Words related to migration

the movement of persons from one country or locality to another

a group of people migrating together (especially in some given time period)

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(chemistry) the nonrandom movement of an atom or radical from one place to another within a molecule

the periodic passage of groups of animals (especially birds or fishes) from one region to another for feeding or breeding

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The initial focus of the alliance includes HP OpenView Operations for Windows and the following Aelita products: Enterprise Directory Manager for secure "Rules and Roles" enterprise user administration and provisioning, Domain Migration Wizard for ZeroIMPACT(tm) migration to Active Directory, Exchange Migration Wizard for ZeroIMPACT migration to Exchange 2000 with true coexistence, ERDisk(tm) for Active Directory for online granular recovery of Active Directory objects, and ERDisk for Windows for automated backup and recovery of System State information.
NetIQ, AppAnalyzer, AppManager, Directory and Resource Administrator, Domain Migration Administrator, End2End, Security Analyzer, Security Manager, and VoIP Manager are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetIQ Corporation in the United States and other countries.
adidas-Salomon is using Aelita Domain Migration Wizard and the Aelita Exchange Migration Wizard to migrate 12,000 users worldwide to Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange 2000.
Aelita pioneered ZeroIMPACT migration with Domain Migration Wizard, a powerful Windows 2000 and Active Directory migration solution.
formerly BSDi) and Plesk announce their Domain Migration Program, enabling hosting service providers (HSPs) to migrate their domains from Sun Cobalt(TM) appliances to upgradeable Intel-based iXsystems servers running the Plesk Server Administrator (PSA).
Aelita Domain Migration Wizard, Server Consolidation Wizard and Enterprise Directory Reporter are included in the NAS Partner Program.
NetIQ Corporation (Nasdaq:NTIQ), a leading provider of e-business infrastructure management and intelligence solutions, today announced that Domain Migration Administrator won the Network World "Best of the Tests" Award in the Directory Management category.
VENDOR PRODUCT CATEGORY NetIQ Domain Migration Directories Adminstrator Sun Cobalt Qube 3 Professional Internet appliances (Sun's Appliance Edition Business Unit) Activate Activate streaming media Multimedia networking service Sitara Networks QoSWorks 10000 Network management iConverse Mobile Studio 2.
It includes the award-winning Domain Migration Wizard for consolidating domains and migrating users and resources from Windows NT and Novell NetWare to Active Directory; Enterprise Directory Reporter for pre-migration planning and analysis; Exchange Migration Wizard for automated, controlled migration from Exchange 5.