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And yet, in spite of the killing pace and the stony track, who but the sluggard or the dolt can hold aloof from the course?
Jean,' he has said to me, at the end of other things, 'you are a fool, dolt, no-good imbecile.
Well, gentlemen," said Joe, "you may try their fall over again, if you like; but, as for me, who am but a dolt, I prefer keeping at the medium height--neither too far up, nor too low down.
I hardly know; but wait a moment - idiot, I think it was - no, no, it was fool or dolt.
Then he said aloud, "Here I grow fat like a stall-fed ox and all my manliness departeth from me while I become a sluggard and dolt.
Why couldn't they have their dolt of a brother with them?
If it wasn't you who said he was a dolt, it must have been Minard.
I am not to suppose,' said Ralph, 'that you are dolt enough to forgive or forget, very readily, the violence that was committed upon you, or the exposure which accompanied it?
You can pity a dolt of a servant for breaking a dish; but you have no compassion for me when my head is split in two and all on fire with this consuming fever.
Let him question me whoever will: to a dolt, however, I shall hardly answer.
Were there more than one, dolt, that you ask the question?
He really is a dolt, I suppose, in other things; but it answers his one purpose very well.
The dolts who allowed the filming of the storyline to go ahead need to go on an in-house BBC course on empathy.
As Mr Osborne As I wrote a few weeks ago, only dolts subscribe to the maxim of 'private sector good, public sector bad' (or, for that matter, the exact opposite).
Parents who think their young "will choose for themselves later" are ensuring that they'll grow as derided dunces and dolts because they, who should guide them, can't distinguish between faith and general knowledge.