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Synonyms for doltish

Synonyms for doltish

heavy and dull and stupid


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The soul and its contoured forms in the exegesis of one's interpretation of truth is what ordinarily is omitted from 'serious philosophy'--that habit of doltish mental workers of turning Lebensphilosophie into a mere theory of knowledge.
Nonetheless, Smokov has demonstrated that Curry was a shrewd robber and not the doltish follower of more-celebrated bandits.
Peabody treating doltish schoolboy Sherman more like a pet than a son, it wasn't a setup played for emotional truth.
Ferrell – who plays doltish TV presenter Ron Burgundy in Anchorman – admits he was thrilled and nervous about working with one of his big–screen heroes.
Quote to Note: "But for them to denigrate the suffering of men and women traumatized by war - and to claim Biblical support for their callow and doltish views - is both shocking and unconscionable.
Egg is regularly pounded by his doltish older brother and expects very little from life until his whole horrible family floats away in a hot air balloon in a bizarre attempt on their lives.
47)--Calandrino is endowed with an eminently pregnable mind, an unfettered imagination, and a receptivity to ideas that in a less doltish person might easily pass for idealism, but has garnered Calandrino the reputation of a credulous fool (upon hearing of Calandrino's simplicity, the sharp-witted Maso del Saggio immediately resolves to dupe him "o fargli credere alcuna nuova cosa" 8.
Unlike the doltish yokels of Martin's prose, Welty's Amish hold, in the words of one character in The Masquerading of Margaret, "a happiness and contentment that rivaled and outwitted luxuries" and are "utterly removed and apart from the surrounding contentions and strife.
Her dramatic worlds are not just populated with the intricacies of family history, but with a colorful and multigenerational contingent of foul-mouthed grannies, overbearing aunts, and doltish cousins.
Explaining her numerous tattoos in one episode, she tells said doltish boyfriend that she got them because she had gained weight and needed to regain a sense of control over her own body.
McCorkle will be rewarded with cash and the co-ownership of a dilapidated home that she and her doltish husband may spruce up according to their new station.
Chapter 5 Ozzy, that foolish friend of mine, has another doltish idea.
Young Emma Rouault, who lives with her self-absorbed father on a small Normandy farm, agrees to marry Charles Bovary, the sincere but doltish local medical officer.
Though she lacked experience and knowledge, Anne knew she was more intelligent than the doltish adults--Dussel and Petronella van Daan (to use their fictitious names in her Diary)--who criticized her, demeaned her and ordered her around.