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A cet egard, je crois qu'il serait important de nuancer l'idee de dechristianisation evoquee id i par l'auteur: a mon avis le phenomene de secularisation, de plus en plus present surtout a partir de 1960 au Quebec, ne dolt pas etre interprete, de maniere un peu reductrice, comme une dechristianisation de la societe.
He figured there as a tongue-tied brute who appeared a dolt because he could only stammer.
Nor was Hood the bumbling dolt that many writers have depicted.
While Genaro seems to be something of a dolt, Manuel displays the same intelligence and manliness as his father.
What the hell was the Hartlepool FE College thinking to allow such a dolt within yards of all children except her own unfortunate brood?
If this dolt does become president of the United States, we can all start digging the nuclear bunkers.
Only a discombobulating dolt would not notice this and cling with pathetic desperation to the last vestiges of past glory.
He is one of Tolkein's lesser known characters but a charming dolt, nonetheless, with his appalling ability to drive.
Tell me, what is constructive about having a go at your successor at apparently every opportunity, at the poor dolt who many of us believe is only trying to clear up the mess that was left by Hughes anyway?
and I have been working like a dog" as if it was Shakespeare, the dolt.
What kind of a country spawns greedy, contemptible TV makers and executives who revel in the money they are raking in, while loftily pretending they are documenting social history led by a frenzied dolt who thinks Rio de Janeiro is a footballer?
It winks at its audience incessantly, like a loutish fellow at a singles bar who thinks he's clever but is actually a dolt.
11 will deservedly be chastised as an insensitive dolt and be duly punished at the polls.
In contrast to what happened to the Cantonese woman at the beginning, "Miss Higgs, the plainly dressed and plain-speaking missionary from Yorkshire, had saved her [Lai Fong] from her father when he attacked the orphanage to force her to return to their village to marry a dolt.
There are few enough public toilets left open at the moment without some dolt making the queues even longer.