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the lean flesh of a saltwater fish found in warm waters (especially in Hawaii)

large slender food and game fish widely distributed in warm seas (especially around Hawaii)

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Although four studies have provided limited data on the food habits of dolphinfishes in coastal areas of the eastern Pacific Ocean (EPO) (Hida, 1973; Campos et al.
The time-course of gastric evacuation has not been adequately described for dolphinfishes.
Many of these prey were flyingfishes, cephalopods, dolphinfishes, wahoo, and snake mackerel in digestion states 3 or 4 and were found in stomachs that were over 50% full.
equiselis that dolphinfishes feed around the clock in the Indian Ocean.
Nonrecorded annual bycatch for this period was estimated at 944-2270 t of pelagic oceanic sharks, 720-1877 t of rainbow runners, 705-1836 t of dolphinfishes, 507-1322 t of triggerfishes, 113-294 t of wahoo, 104-251 t of billfishes, 53-112 t of mobulas and mantas, 35-89 t of mackerel scad, 9-24 t of barracudas, and 67-174 t of other fishes.