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For example, when Matt Keys, a CFD consultant with a joint appointment at the Western Australian Institute of Sport and the University of Western Australia, used a CFD model of the underwater dolphin kick, he found that a 10-degree increase in ankle plantar flexion--the ability to fully extend the foot, pointing the toes along the long axis of the body--created 16 newtons greater peak propulsive force by the feet during the kick downsweep.
It was hypothesized that dolphin kick swimming, with the use of fins, leads to a reduction in the time of approaching the victim and towing them back to shore.
Fitness swimmers don't need the dolphin kick, though it's fun to try a trick from an Olympian's playbook.
He may use a flutter or dolphin kick before making the flip turn.
It's like the dolphin kick,'' said Yutaka Terao, a professor at Tokai University who designed the ''wave devouring propulsion'' device.
But he was ruled out of the final after being disqualified for an illegal dolphin kick on one of the turns.
Peirsol, of course, is the swimmer who criticized the officials for failing to spot an illegal dolphin kick by Japan's Kosuke Kitajima in the 100 breaststroke.
with the dolphin kick, in which both legs move up and down together.
The Edinburgh swimmer finished fifth in his semi and looked to have reached tonight's final but an illegal underwater dolphin kick on one of the turns put him out.
The dolphin kick is used with which swimming stroke?
the technology will analyze a swimmer's dolphin kick within the allowed 15 meters of underwater swimming and provide quantitative performance data to coaches.
Developed at the BMW Group Technology Office in Mountain View, California, the technology analyzes a swimmer's dolphin kick and sends performance data to coaches.
Swimmers execute the strategically crucial underwater dolphin kick at the start and the turn of each lap.
91 and he was spared ignominy of another 16th place only by the disqualification of Britain's other swimmer, Ian Edmond, for a dolphin kick on one of the turns.
Peirsol said he and Crocker were watching and it was obvious Kitajima used a dolphin kick.