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They tried using a Dolphin Safe label until such illegal shipments were blocked by the US Customs Agency based on a complaint from IMMP.
The Dalhousie biologists portray the four best-studied cetacean species--the bottlenose dolphin, the killer whale, the sperm whale, and the humpback whale--as generators of group-based, cultural systems of communication, feeding, mating, and raising their young.
I loved the dolphins when they were jumping in groups.
While searching for marks, the dolphins didn't display any social behaviors, such as threatening squawks, that might be expected if they regarded the reflection as another dolphin.
At an early age each dolphin adopts a personalized call--a unique whistle of rising and falling tones that emanates from nasal sacs below the blowhole (the single nostril atop a dolphin's head).
The project will fully integrate Dolphin Energy's business and process systems, providing improved visibility and control across its entire supply chain, from offshore wellheads to customer gas distribution.
In the most elaborate attempt so far to eavesdrop on Brazil's pink river dolphins, researchers have detected what may be a counterpart to seafaring dolphins' whistles.
Dolphin Express software, called SuperSockets[TM], provides a low latency 'sockets' interface for standard cluster applications.
With this special offer, the Dolphin Odyssey program is $134 plus tax per person (regularly $199 plus tax) and the Dolphin Encounter program is $94 plus tax per person (regularly $139 plus tax).
IMMP's Save Japan Dolphins Coalition (which includes Elsa Nature Conservancy of Japan, Animal Welfare Institute, and In Defense of Animals) applauded this major development in our efforts to stop the Japanese dolphin slaughter.
Apparently, one of the qualities a trainer needs is to be smarter than the dolphin.
I think we have a lot to learn about dolphin vocalisations - their productions are complex," LiveScience quoted Heidi Harley, a comparative cognitive psychologist at New College of Florida in Sarasota, as saying.
The Mexican government is trying to gut the Dolphin Safe label for tuna and circumvent US law.
MIAMI -- Today Miami Seaquarium opened its new dolphin interaction facility called Dolphin Harbor.
20, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A baby dolphin was born Monday (September 17, 2012) at Dolphin Quest Hawaii, located at the Hilton Waikoloa Village.