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(poetry) painful grief

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He began his work as leader of Centacare in 1988 in the disused tuckshop of Our Lady of Dolours Primary School, Chatswood.
In 1969 he was made parish priest of Our Lady of Dolours, Peckham, and Guardian of the local Franciscan community in south London.
Rosary beads clicking on the bedhead, Prayers for the dying in the lower room And Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, The Mother of Sorrows and Our Lady Of the Seven Dolours invoked with love.
Then came the grandiloquence of the Finale, with the dolours swept aside for the dramatic, uplifting denouement, with its hammered arpeggios.
Prior to her death in 2013, Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price made it public she had also given an interview to Boston College about Mrs McConville's death in which she made similar allegations about Mr Adams.
Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price, who died earlier this year, also alleged Mr Adams had been her IRA Officer Commanding during the early 1970s and specifically implicated him in the murder of Mrs McConville.
Bishop Elzear Torreggiani was consecrated on the feast of the Annunciation, 25 March 1879, in the Capuchin Church of Our Lady of Seven Dolours at Peckham by Dr Danell with Dr Weathers and Dr Hedley assisting.
lady (1626); A spirituall posie for Zion (1629); A myrrhine posie of the bitter dolours of Christ his passion (1639).
And his specially-built seven-foot oak coffin was carried by eight struggling pall bearers from Our Lady Of Dolours RC Church in Salford, where Haystacks had been a parishioner.
Two interviewees in the archive - former IRA commander Brendan Hughes and Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price, both now deceased - claimed Mr Adams ordered the killing of Mrs McConville - allegations the Sinn Fein veteran vehemently denied.
Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price revealed she had collected Mr Lynskey from a house in West Belfast and drove him to Monaghan.
Mr Justice Treacy on Friday restrained the PSNI from receiving tapes of interviews carried out with Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price for a project at Boston College.
Renowned republican sisters Dolours and Marian Price were believed to have played the most important role in the conspiracy, along with a third defendant, Hugh Feeney.
Boston College must give police recordings of its oral history project talks with Dolours Price by next month, after an appeals court in the US rejected an effort to stop their release.
But those assurances were dealt a blow in 2013 when detectives investigating the abduction and murder of Belfast motherof-10 Jean McConville in 1972 secured the transcripts of former IRA woman Dolours Price's account.