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Synonyms for dolomite

a kind of sedimentary rock resembling marble or limestone but rich in magnesium carbonate

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a light colored mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate

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Dolomitization of the Cambrian carbonate platform, Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains: Dolomite from geometry, fluid inclusion geochemistry, isotopic signature, and hydrogeologic modeling studies.
The ooid grains feature diagenetic replacive dolomitization and dissolution vugs.
4d) suggests a decrease in the content of iron minerals during dolomitization of carbonate rocks and redistribution of iron minerals during dolomite cementation of siliciclastic rocks (Fig.
However, heterogeneities in the substrate, made by bioturbating infauna, may play a more important role in dolomitization than has been previously considered.
Dolomitization of the Wabamun is clearly associated with faulting at Saddle Hills and it is expected the case will be the same at Woking.
Due to dolomitization, primary structures and textures of the rock are often poorly preserved, particularly in the uppermost part of the section.
Late Pleistocene mixing zone dolomitization, southeastern Barbados, West Indies, Sedimentology, 35: 327-348.
The horizontal well also demonstrated dolomitization and higher porosity deeper in the reservoir than previously modeled.
Other diagenetic processes, including the leaching of rocks associated with dolomitization, influence of weathering on exposed rocks, chemical reactions connected with the dissolution of minerals and chemical cementation, increased the porosity also in some South Estonian rocks [8].
Cementation, dissolution, and dolomitization require significant flow of groundwater (of whatever type and/or salinity, ranging from fresh to hypersaline), driven by an externally imposed hydraulic gradient.
migration of fluids responsible for dolomitization of the Upper Cambrian Bonneterre Formation (Stein and Kish, 1991; Shelton and others, 1992).
Dark gray, silty calcitic dolostones characterize the upper part of the Wink Member (11,910-11,900 feet), where skeletal remains are obscured by dolomitization.
The objectives of the hyperspectral survey are to look for oil seeps or alteration chimneys arising from leakage of hydrocarbons from oilfields associated with dolomitization (and increased porosity) in the Red River "B" and "C" horizons - which have hosted the nearby 200 million barrel Cedar Hills Field, the 40 million barrel Buffalo Field, the Medicine Pole Hills Field, the Horse Creek Field, and the Horse Creek South Field.
Numerous studies concern dolostones of different diagenetic evolution and ages, whereas various dolomitization models have been proposed (Read 1985; Hardie 1987; Mazzullo 1994; Conioglio et al.