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Synonyms for dolomite

a kind of sedimentary rock resembling marble or limestone but rich in magnesium carbonate

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a light colored mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate

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Contract notice: Different fractions of dolomitic stone purchase.
It has almost 35 wells in three carbonate Fms in Middle Cretaceous Mishrif dolomitic limestones, an underlying Rumaila A limestone and a Lower Cretaceous Ratawi limestone, with oil of 35.
The aim of this additional work is to derive a better understanding of the potential of the two carbonate reservoirs to ultimately produce economic oil or not and to plan a step-out well (EWA-3X) to confirm the significant oil indications observed in the EWA-2X well within the Kareem and Thebes dolomitic limestone reservoirs.
The TBM cuts through granite and quartz, along fault lines and beneath a layer of dolomitic marble.
These estimates are based on the porosity, thickness and drainage area of the Middle Miocene Kareem Formation ("Kareem") and Eocene Thebes Formation ("Thebes") dolomitic limestones as mapped geophysically and measured during electric logging and testing of the well, and are made with the following assumptions:
Prior Information Notice: Aerial application of dolomitic limestone of forest stands damaged by air pollution in areas of the czech republic in 2014-2015
Two drill stem tests have been carried out in the Middle Miocene Kareem Formation ("Kareem") and Eocene Thebes Formation ("Thebes") dolomitic limestone zones where electric logs had indicated the presence of two hydrocarbon columns with thicknesses of 77 feet and 92 feet, respectively.
This will be over the 550 metre horizontal area which intersected an interpreted light oil area in a dolomitic reservoir instantly below the main shale resource rock in the Basin.
A deeper second potential oil zone occurs in dolomitic limestone of the Eocene Thebes Formation with a top at 2,810 feet (856meters).
A drilling contract with Les Wilson is implemented by company for the Burkett 5-34HOR well which is expected to test the Devonian Lingle formation, a dolomitic reservoir which lies directly below the hydrocarbon rich New Albany shale.
The discovery well, drilled 9,235 feet into a Slave Point dolomitic reef, has estimated deliverability of about 60 million cubic feet per day.
Martin Marietta Materials is the nation's second largest producer of construction aggregates and a producer of magnesia-based chemicals and dolomitic lime.
Due to the dolomitic conditions in Katlehong, a safer site was identified in Voslorus.
These operations supply high calcium and dolomitic limestone to a wide variety of users including the construction, energy and steel industries.