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a kind of sedimentary rock resembling marble or limestone but rich in magnesium carbonate

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a light colored mineral consisting of calcium magnesium carbonate

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The Dolomite came with a high level of standard equipment, including twin headlamps, a clock, full instrumentation, luxury seats and carpets, a heated rear window and a cigar lighter.
The Dolomite in particular encapsulated what was the then British view of compact luxury.
Application of dolomite significantly (P [less than or equal to] 0.
For the calculation of correlation dependences between the indexes FI and SI, 134 samples of different aggregate strains (granite, dolomite and gravel) were selected (Fig.
The publication is designed for companies who want to gain a comprehensive perspective on the global dolomite market.
The views in the Dolomites had been stunning, but were surpassed by the one to be enjoyed of the lake at the resort of Malcesine after a ride in a cable car up Monte Baldo.
Citigroup Foundation will make a $5,000 donation to the council at the art show, Dolomite Ward said.
As-received fertiliser materials (except for the forestry grade dolomite and Epsom salts) were passed through sieves of specific openings to obtain the specific particle sizes used in this study (Table 1).
The Devonian System is represented by the Mackinac Breccia, which is composed of fragmented shale, limestone, and dolomite from formations of the Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian.
For example, the area's volcanic soil is enriched with dolomite limestone to lower the natural high soil acidity.
In the Panhandle of Texas, chert replacement of the Alibates Dolomite (Guadalupian-Ochoan) has produced spherules (less than 5.
Taking inspiration from the Dolomite Alps, the new labels feature a die cut of the Dolomite Alps, along with a more prominent logo, and a sharper, more detailed image of the Maso.