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a small measure (usually of food)

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Brush egg on pastry between dollops and around edges.
Dappled and encrusted with dollops of blue and gold paint, an old mock-heroic print of Columbus at sea, pointing out the distant land to his crew, is set in the lower-left corner of Scanga's composition.
State Assemblyman Paul Koretz, who represents West Hollywood and parts of the San Fernando Valley, chairs the Assembly's labor committee in Sacramento, which entitles him to large dollops of labor's money in exchange for looking after their interests.
Line of Fire'' gets it right by measuring its mature content in dollops that are organic to its storytelling and, more important, by highlighting compelling characters played by riveting actors.
Danny, of course, manages to accomplish all of this, as well as bond with his pathetic widower father and provide great dollops of literarily minded voice-over narration.
In a nutshell: Hagiography for fans, with generous dollops of music.
Her co-star (and real-life boyfriend) Ron Eldard joined her at the party, where the wettest things were the Mastro Martinis, wild red concoctions that included dollops of dry ice, which gave off smoke as one sipped.
Incidentally, any of these starters can be enhanced with dollops of a thick, green-toned house salsa automatically brought to the table with crispy tortilla chips.
The concert itself featured the same blend of material Dylan's been offering up in live shows for the past decade-plus: Healthy dollops of '60s classics (he did venture into the early '70s with ``Knocking on Heaven's Door''), alongside numbers from the latest release.
ABC's ``Whose Line Is It Anyway'' shouldn't be overlooked as easily as it often is, and if the network adds its successful summer series ``The Wayne Brady Show'' to that hour, things could get even messier (of course, if it's messiness you're seeking out, that's available in generous dollops on UPN's ``WWF Smackdown
As do the healthy dollops of kitsch: He wanders through the crowd, planting kisses on swooning female fans.
It arrived arranged conically like Mount Fuji, featuring daubs of tiny orange-hued fish eggs, clusters of burdock root, strands of bright green seaweed, thin strips of glistening white crunchy Daikon radish and, of course, generous dollops of the chile-spiced tuna.
All of which could be forgiven somewhat if ``They Nest'' ladled on the quease-inducing bugs in generous dollops.
Providing the requisite dollops of villainy is an embittered postman (Dan Castellaneta, better-known as Homer Simpson), who has delivered too many tons of holiday mail to appreciate the season's finer qualities.
Spoon dollops of reserved pumpkin mixture onto cream-cheese layer.