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a small measure (usually of food)

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Serve with boiled rice or a naan, with dollop of yogurt on top and scatter with coriander leaves.
METHOD: Grease your loaf tin with a dollop of butter and then line with parchment paper.
Heat up a dollop then add it to the middle of your pancake straight after you flip it , then finish with a spoon of melting ice cream.
Dollop the remaining biscuit dough over the top, then sprinkle with turbinado sugar.
30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Atria Senior Living, one of the nation's largest providers of independent living, assisted living and memory care services, announced today the release of A Dash and a Dollop.
Finish with a dollop of yoghurt and coriander leaves.
Place five raspberries in the bottom of each glass, then dollop the cream mixture in, filling the glass about half way.
For a "creamy" soup, stir in a cup of low-fat milk after simmering or top each bowl with a dollop of plain low-fat yogurt.
There's the ``green tower'' ($12) fashioned with spinach, crab and avocado topped with sesame sauce and also a large dollop of spicy tuna tartare on a crunchy rice cracker ($9.
He plopped a dollop of sweet filling in the center of each circle.
The delightful color illustrations add the proper dollop of enthusiastic glee to this wonderful story about turning over a new leaf and finding courage through shared joy.
The lads munched their way through a calorie and fat laden feast, including potato skins and chicken wings covered with a dollop of fatty sour cream, all washed down with a few pints of lager.
Add spoonful of cucumber and lime dollop and carefully fold in the edges.
Hidden away in the bluster, however, was a dollop of common sense.
I think Moore could do a better job of making himself more consistently useful to grassroots movements--something that would require a dollop of the humility he simply doesn't have.