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Synonyms for doll

doll yourself up


  • dress up
  • get ready
  • preen
  • primp
  • gussy up
  • tart yourself up
  • deck yourself out
  • prink
  • titivate yourself
  • trick yourself out
  • put on your best bib and tucker
  • put on your glad rags

Synonyms for doll

a person regarded as physically attractive

doll up: to dress in formal or special clothing

Synonyms for doll

informal terms for a (young) woman

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A few years later, Electra and Antin reconnected when the two were working on the same movie, and Electra agreed to get Dolled up again, this time for a new hourlong version directed by Kristin Hanggi.
Looks like Valley students are getting all dolled up, thanks to an unusual exhibition at UCLA's Fowler Museum of Cultural History.