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the volume measured in dollars


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3 billion in lending to small businesses through its two largest loan programs and seen its average weekly dollar volume increase by more than 60 percent in comparison to the weeks before the Recovery Act.
Wells Fargo is also the #1 SBA lender in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wyoming in total dollar volume of loans.
In Manhattan, transactions increased 45 percent to 29 and the dollar volume of the trades jumped 156 percent to $878.
Huntington also outpaced its market competitors with twice the number and dollar volume of loans.
Overall, consumers responded favorably to aggressive Black Friday marketing campaigns which resulted in year-over-year same-store dollar volume growth of 12.
Added to that, in the second quarter of 2014, 26 percent of all buildings sold and 36 percent of the total dollar volume was generated by development properties in Queens.
For the first time in over two years, credit dollar volume growth was higher than signature or PIN debit.
West Virginia: 33 loans with a dollar volume of $4.
The report tallies the dollar volume for firm commitments issued by HUD to the nation's top 16 FHA loan originators.
Manhattan rebounded in May after a slow April with 13 transactions totaling $239,218 million in gross consideration, a 31 percent increase in dollar volume from the previous month and an 88 percent jump in dollar volume compared to May 2013.
A large percentage of the borough's dollar volume came from the sale of a 103-unit building located in Elmhurst, which traded for $21 million, or roughly $236 per square foot.
The floor care and storage segment, the largest dollar volume segment of the overall housewares industry, reached $4.
Retail year-over-year dollar volume growth on Thursday-Friday was 6.
First liens accounted for 97 percent of total dollar volume closed.