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the volume measured in dollars


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Manhattan led the City in dollar volume and The Bronx registered across-the-board increases during the month.
Among investor types, dollar volume of loans originated for commercial bank portfolio loans increased by 33 percent year over year.
The US Small Business Administration and the SBA Utah district office has Celtic Bank as 2014's top dollar volume lender in Utah.
The top multifamily lender in 2012 by dollar volume was JPMorgan Chase Bank, followed by Wells Fargo and CBRE Capital Markets Inc.
Continuing the trend from the beginning of 2013, credit card dollar volume and transaction growth surpassed both PIN and signature debit growth in June.
We believe the dollar volume will increase by 40 to 50 percent over 2010 levels," Knakal said at the firm's quarterly press briefing at its Midtown headquarters this morning.
Overall, the 11 publishing, information, training and internet categories showed an increase in the number of deals for the year of 16%, going to 525 deals, while their dollar volume fell 55% to $25 billion.
Looking at household income segments suggests that skin care products are definitely discretionary purchases, as households with incomes of $50,000 and higher account for 35% of the dollar volume in the category.
Department store sector consolidation has also been a driver of the dollar volume gain, Case said, adding, "As the mass merchants step into the department store space, they are also trying to maintain relevance to the consumer.
The dollar volume for five-unit and bigger projects soared 102.
The number and dollar volume of deals in the $500 million to $1 billion range declined as well, by over 40%.
Allfirst made 16 percent by number and 13 percent by dollar volume of its housing-related loans in LMI census tracts in its assessment area in 1997, compared with 14 percent and 9 percent, respectively, by lenders in the aggregate.
Total craft-brewing industry dollar volume in 1998, according to the IBS: S3.
While this provides a picture of how custom processors expect their automotive business to fare in relation to their other work, we also asked the survey participants to indicate what they foresee happening specifically to the dollar volume of their automotive business in the '90s.