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Like Warhol's 1981 Dollar Sign, it is a piece that embodies its own status as both a work of art and an object of value and desire.
No detail is too small to matter, right down to the dollar sign.
Dollar signs lock the rows to a specific range, but the column is left as relative.
Many of them pretend to be all for encouraging sensible drinking habits, when the dollar signs in their eyes obviously blind them to the perils.
There were dollar signs attached to the request, so scientists responded who had already been studying the phenomenon for some time.
With today's unprecedented high prices, everyday items like copper wire scrap have many recyclers seeing dollar signs.
Also, the format must include the brackets, exclamation point and dollar signs as shown in exhibit 5, at right.
Ken Smikle, whose Chicago-based company Target Market News tracks black consumer habits, reported in 1996 that African Americans spent $258 million on books, dollar signs that challenged the careless assumption in the publishing world that blacks did not read.
Judging from the photographs during the week, of the pair frolicking on a beach in St Tropez, either they are blissfully happy and have got over their little marriage hitch, or if I were to be really cynical, they are playing happy couples for the cameras and thinking only of dollar signs because they are definitely "worth it".
1 of Eau de Cologne (from 1984); giroup exhibition selected by Clarissa Dalrymple and Nicole Klagsbrun @ Nicole Klagsbrun; Joel Sternfeld @ Luhring Augustine; "Seventies Color Photography" @ Marianne Boesky; that was then, this is now; George Condo @ Briggs Robinson; Andy Warhol Dollar Signs @ Van de Weghe: the rich are getting richer.
The New York Times quotes a US Airways flight attendant who has worked for the company for 33 years, who said that she resents that the management seems to see the workers as dollar signs rather than people.
Lomax is a 28-year-old black male, 5-foot-10, 180 pounds with many tattoos, including dollar signs on his eyelids and a soldier on his right forearm.
Reality is that many PMs see dollar signs instead of the benefits of supportability, and when a program is in trouble, the easiest fix seems to be cutting logistics products, which in turn will reduce (if not eliminate) supportability.
No dollar signs were affixed to the deal, but that should change soon.
School board president Tom Wolfe boiled down the issue to its essence: "I see it [the statistics on home-schooling] in dollar signs.