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a symbol of commercialism or greed

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a mark ($) written before a number to indicate that it stands for the number of dollars


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She said the clubs know many women are out of work and are flashing dollar signs in hopes that women will seek what economic relief exotic dancing offers.
Pacman is one of Pacquiao's known monickers, while the dollar sign referred to "Money," which is one of Mayweather's nicknames.
If you buy an item priced in dollars, often when you select that you are in the UK the price converter merely swaps the dollar sign to a pound sign while the amount stays the same.
Note that the first B is preceded by a dollar sign, so it is absolute, but the second B is not, so it is relative; thus, wherever YTD is used, it will refer to the range of columns from column B to the current column.
The story is really about what looks like phony science, patent fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice, a fatally flawed AIDS test, the safety of the blood supply, illegal experiments on African children, and a Reagan-Bush administration coverup of abuses flowing from the recognition that the S in AIDS is actually a dollar sign.
Pacquiao was seen wearing a red tee with the iconic PacMan character gobbling up a dollar sign to training.
Among the 14 works were Dollar Sign, a gift from Andy Warhol, and pieces by Damien Hirst and Frank Auerbach.
But instead of jumping into a blingin' low-cut top, draping herself in diamond dollar sign necklaces, and running for the subway, she told him she and her friend Amanda had other plans.
If you look in the folder where you stored your file, using Explorer, you'll see the owner file listed with a tilde (~) and a dollar sign ($) appended to the front of the name.
After you "view" the record, a small dollar sign will appear on the left side of the record in the Search Results list indicating that it is bought.
The Warhol Dollar Sign alone is set to generate a estimated windfall for the State's bad bank of $600,000 or EUR440,000.
Louis found that whenever study participants were shown a dollar sign, a predetermined cue that a correct answer on the task at hand would result in a financial reward.
PASADENA -- Stenciled in white letters inside Dwayne Jarrett's black eye streak was the phrase ``Tri-State,'' but with the ``S'' made into a dollar sign.
In October of 2001 (page 109), we described in this column how to use the dollar sign ($) to make an Excel formula constant--so when you copy a formula to a different location on a spreadsheet it won't automatically change to reflect the move.